Primary School Curriculum

Primary School Curriculum

We, at the Primary Wing of The Khaitan School believe that the mind, like a parachute works best when opened. Keeping this initiative in mind, the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the curriculum and the evaluation procedure is developed for building the student’s knowledge, potential & talent, to the optimum level. Smart boards in all sections of the primary wing facilitate world class audio-visual learning which engages students and enables better comprehension. Scientific temperament is inculcated through lab experiments, exhibitions, model making, collage making, nature walk, many multi-skilled activities and inter disciplinary projects.

Scholastic Domain of the curriculum includes English, Hindi, Math, EVS, GK/French and Computer Literacy Programme.

Co-scholastic domain engages the students in a plethora of other crafts such as music, dance, dramatics, puppetry, painting and sketching. Drama and English conversation & speech classes are conducted under the Helen O’Grady International Programme (optional). Our aim is to make our students more and more self-reliant, disciplined, confident and physically fit through physical education and sports activities such as yoga, taekwondo, swimming/skating/tennis. Physical Education classes are structured and conducted systematically by Edu-Sports.

Students pursue their hobbies and interests through SUPW classes (clubs). The following clubs give ample exposure to the students and motivate them to excel in their areas of interest:

  • English Club
  • Maths Club
  • Programming & Coding
  • Science Club
  • Eco & Nature Club
  • Culinary Skills
  • Quiz Club
  • Handicraft
  • Puppet Making
  • Helen O’Grady International English Speech & Personality Development Programme (optional)
  • Painting & Sketching
  • Music Vocal Indian
  • Music Vocal Western
  • Music Instrumental (Indian)
  • Music Instrumental (Western)
  • Dance (Western)
  • Dance (Indian)
  • Rangoli & Floral Designing
  • Sports
  • Robotics (Optional)

A number of celebrations, school functions including Annual Concert, Annual School Exhibition and Special Assemblies provide ample opportunities to our students to develop and showcase their creativity.


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