Special Assembly on Diwali

Oct 16, 2017

A special assembly on Diwali was conducted by students of Shiwalik house on 16th October, 2017 in the school auditorium.The assembly was initiated with a beautiful quote on Diwali followed by lighting of diyas by the Principal, Ms. D.Kaur and Headmistress, Ms. S.Khurana, to invoke blessings of the almighty. The students of class III, presented thoughts based on the value of the month ‘Reverence’ and on ‘Diwali’. Thereafter, Shubhi, a student of class IV presented an informative talk on Diwali. A skit depicting the significance of Diwali as a festival of removing darkness of ignorance from our minds, was staged by students of classes III-V. The skit also emphasized on not bursting crackers or fireworks in order to keep the planet Earth clean and pollution free. It was followed by a melodious song celebrating the spirit and joy of Diwali festival.

The principal, Ms. D.Kaur, appreciated the efforts of the teachers and students in presenting the special assembly and urged the students to celebrate Diwali in an ecofriendly manner. She guided them to enlighten their lives with clean thoughts and deeds.

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