Cyber Security Workshop By Mr. Rakshit Tandon

Sep 27, 2018


The Khaitan School, Noida organized two sessions with Mr.Rakshit Tandon, Director Executive –Council of Information Security and cyber Security Consultant to Internet and mobile Association of India. He is also a Resource person for cybercrime investigations at Bureau of Police Research and Development for training Law Enforcement Officers across the country. He is also member Advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.The sessions were attended by students of classes VIII, XI, XII and the members of the Student Council.

Mr.Tandon started his session by quoting the statistics of the alarming rise in the cybercrimes amongst the school and college students. He spoke about various harmful online games and challenges and how youngsters had been arrested for posting slanderous posts about teachers etc. He then made the audience aware of the various cyber laws and the quantum of punishments. Unethical hacking, cyber defamation, stalking and cyber bullying were a few other areas of cybercrimes that the audience were educated about. He suggested that one should always be conservative in posting pictures on any internet platform. He gave useful tips on fool proof security settings. He wanted the children to educate their parents and peers. Addiction to using social media and taking selfies under extremely dangerous situations were strongly condemned and some examples of creating intelligent passwords were suggested by him. Mr.Tandon in his power packed, wonderful interactive session connected with each and every student and almost everyone wanted to share their digital habits with him and seek his advice. In the end after a brief question answer round Mr.Tandon shared his contact details and invited students who wanted further guidance.

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