Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra From Taiwan

Nov 20, 2017

The Khaitan School participated in the 11th Delhi International Arts Festival, one of the most prestigious arts festivals. On this occasion a performance of the little Giant Chinese Chamber from Taiwan founded by its artistic director and conductor Chin Sheng Chen nicknamed “Little Giant” was held in the school auditorium on 20th Nov.’17. The 11 members started their performance by a mellifluent composition depicting the Chinese New Year and Spring Awakening.

This was followed by explicit introduction of the various Chinese instruments like Sheng, Pipa, Lingin, Yangfin, Guzheng etc. which were quite similar to Indian instruments like mouth organ, sarod, santoor and other string instruments. They ended their performance by playing a short happy composition called ‘fairy crossing over peach blossoms’

Mr. Chung Kwang Tien, ambassador of Taiwan graced the occasion. The Little Giant, in his only school performance in India appreciated the keen interest and involvement shown by the school children and the welcome extended by the school authorities.

Mrs.S.L.Gupta, Education Director welcomed the ambassador and expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the orchestra for their brilliant performance which was an evident show of ‘music beyond borders.’ Principal, Mrs.D.Kaur welcomed the Little Giant and his talented team and complimented them for an intense and overwhelming display of music and culture of their country.

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