Orientation programme for class VI

Apr 6, 2017


An Orientation programme for the parents of class VI students was organized on 6th  April 2017 in the school auditorium. The programme was organized to apprise the parents of  the remodelled CBSE curriculum and also to make them aware of the behavioral changes in the children at this stage.Mrs. Monika Mathur, Middle School Coordinator, explained in detail the new assessment scheme introduced by CBSE  and the importance of Almanac through a PowerPoint presentation. Mrs. Neha Dutt, School Counsellor, through a PPT explained the ways to deal and handle the behavioral changes seen in children of this age due to the onset of adolescence and because of the shift from the Primary to the Middle Wing. This was followed by an introductory session where the respective class teachers, subject teachers and the activity teachers of all the sections of class VI introduced themselves to the gathering.

The session was henceforth thrown open for a discussion with the panel comprising of the  Senior Coordinator Ms. Sheetal Sawhney, Middle School coordinator Mrs. Monika Mathur Examination Incharge Mrs.Nirmilesh Gupta and School Counsellor Mrs. Neha Dutt. All the suggestions were taken on a positive note and the coordinators apprised the parents of  the initiatives that have already been taken by the school and ensured that their suggestions would be looked into.

The parents appreciated the efforts made by the school in organizing the orientation programme.

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