Nov 18, 2017

The Annual School Exhibition was organized at The Khaitan School on Nov.18, 2017 in the school premises. It was inaugurated by Mr. & Mrs. Chitrvanshi, Mr. & Mrs. Khanna, Mr. & Mrs. Saikia and Mrs. Prachi Nidhi. The students of Senior wing of the school worked tirelessly, attained in-depth knowledge and showcased innovative and brilliant projects and working models meticulously put together after undertaking  intensive research work.The Science Department presented  “United mind ignited mind”. The Social Science Department put up exhibits show casing “Pearls of Purvanchal ”.

Computer Department showcased “India marching ahead in IT. Commerce Department exhibited “GST-Statistical status of states” which was highly appreciated. Painting, art and craft work of the students adorned the corridors, landings with display on the walls and tables show-casing“Cultural exotica art”.To spread awareness on different cuisine of our secular country “Different states varied tastes” was setup by the Home Science Department which not only presented the culinary talents of the students but validated beyond doubt that multi cuisine food could be so amazing.

 Aero modelling and astronomy departments proudly show cased their working models with the theme “Soaring high integrating the nation” and “Space- the final frontier respectively”.Mrs.S.L. Gupta,Education Director conveyed her blessing and congratulated the students, on putting up an excellent show.

 The outstanding feature of the exhibition was it’s multidisciplinary approach towards teaching and learning. Mrs. D. Kaur  appreciated the extensive research work undertaken by all the departments.Senior Coordinator, Ms.S. Sawhney  and Middle School Coordinator Mrs.M. Mathur also congratulated the teachers and students on the grand success of the Annual Exhibition.

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