Science Labs: The Investigative Research Centres

Our state of the art labs – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science are suitably furnished, are equipped with the relevant equipment, apparatus, computer, white board and projector. In August 2015, the senior school Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs were completely renovated and refurbished with the latest furniture and fixtures. Safety of children being of paramount importance, all the three labs have been provided with two exits. Chemistry lab is specially equipped with hand showers at each desk and a common shower to combat acid/chemical burns in case of exigency.

Home Science Lab

The well-furnished and equipped Home Science Lab addresses practical nuances of a healthy and scientific living. Students conduct practicals with a focus on nutrition and balanced diet.

Math Labs: Thinking out of Box

The newly constructed Math lab is fun filled learning centre equipped with a plethora of exciting puzzles and games to transform the students into the magical world of numbers and enhance their mathematical skills.

The Primary and Senior wings are equipped with relevant teaching aids. Students are always motivated to perceive learning as fun-filled, analytical, practical and exciting.


Gen. Science Lab

Our students have been provided with a well-equipped and modern Gen Science lab in the primary wing, which enables them to observe experiment, carry out research and analysis, thereby enhancing their scientific temper and environmental sensitivity.

ASL lab

The feather on the school’s cap is the newly constructed ASL lab.It is fully sound proof, designed to learn and assess the multifaceted aspects of English language. It will promote the listening & speaking skills of the students through numerous activities, videos, games, e-books and movies.

Language labs of both the Primary and Senior wings are equipped with computers, projectors, interactive boards and speakers to screen relevant movies or play music applicable to the class level to enhance speaking and listening skills and conduct Assessment of Speaking and Listening programmes.


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