Educational & Cultural Tour to Jaipur

Like every year, an educational and cultural tour to Jaipur was organised by The Khaitan School from 23rd September, 17 to 24th September, 17 for classes IV & V.

With 87 students, 9 faculty members, 1 nurse and a tour operator, the tour commenced on Saturday at 6: 30 a.m. from the school campus. The students visited Albert Museum Hall, where they saw the lifestyle of Jaipur’s royalty and their collection of different artifacts, such as- coins, textile, paintings, statues, crafts, carpets etc from different periods. In Zoological park, the students enjoyed witnessing variety of wild and rare species of animals and birds which included ducks, geese, white peacock, chattering lorry, emu etc.  In Jantar Mantar, the students had an amazing experience of watching 19 architectural astronomical instruments including World’s biggest stone Sundial ‘Samrat Yantra’.  In the end, the students saw the attractive and eye-catching artifacts and grandeur of different kings of Jaipur in The City Palace.

In all , it was a very educative and informative trip for students.

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