Educational Trip to National Science Centre

On 17th December 2018; The students of The Khaitan School       [Class IV] were taken for an educational trip to National Science Centre to enhance their scientific temperament and application skills.The students took a tour of the following galleries :- Water- the elixir of life, Hall of nuclear Power, Our science and technology heritage, Human biology, Pre-historic life, Oceanography and Earth sciences, Agricultural Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Fun science and Energy and Transportation Technology. The gallery showcased a plethora of exhibits that covered various topics.Magic tap, stringless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball, marine and fresh water aquariums were the main attractions at the Science Centre. The students also watched a 3D movie based on dinosaurs which was a great learning experience for them. They were excited to observe certain exhibits i.e. virtual makeup, find the direction of sound, walking through the mirror maze, infinity well, animated dinosaurs, lifting a lid against an electromagnet and many more. The students thoroughly enjoyed being part of such an interesting and informative educational trip.

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