Itihaas learning module to Ali Naqvi Judiciary

An Itihaas trip was organised by The Khaitan School for class IX on 27th and 28th September, 2018 to Ali Naqvi judiciary. Students were taken to the Police station of Parliament Street where they learnt about fair trial, working of police in crises, their uniforms and arms and ammunitions used during protest. The Head of the police station briefed about the conduct of police, the importance and process of filing a zero FIR and women’s rights during arrest. The Itihaas spokesperson, Ms Smita further explained the history of the police station and showed the copy of the first FIR lodged in the year 1913. Then the students were guided towards the Patiala District High court of Delhi where they were divided into sections and sent to witness court proceedings of Cheque bounce, family dispute, bomb blast case etc. The students also got the chance to interact with Hon’ble Judge Mr Suresh Kumar who briefed the students about how proceedings are conducted. It was an informative and well managed trip which gave the students an exposure to the functioning both Executive and Judiciary wings of the government.

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