Prime Ministers’ Interaction with students from across India

Prime Ministers’ Interaction with students from across India on Feb 16, 2018

Time: 12:00 noon

Date Feb.17, 2018

The live telecast of Prime Minister’s interaction with students from across India was shown in The Khaitan School under the supervision of the Principal, Mrs.D. Kaur to help the students deal with stress related to exams.The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, started the interaction by paying his respects to all the teachers who had taught him to always be a learner. He touched upon various exams related issues like concentration, self-confidence, self-competition, parental pressure, time management, contribution of teachers and Yoga.The Prime Minister said that concentration was not a technique to be learnt. It was not only one’s intellect but also the heart that was involved for which yoga played a role in synchronizing the body, mind and heart. He also stressed upon the need to compete with oneself rather than with others as each child’s upbringing and dreams were different.The Prime Minister also urged the students not to doubt their parents, when asked about dealing with parental pressure. Open dialogue with parents and belief in their intentions were of utmost importance.He also emphasized on the need to ‘defocus’ from exams in order to focus thus stating the need for extra curricular activity. He added that Yog Nidra and being in touch with nature helped  in combating stress.The Prime Minister also mentioned the unfortunate state wherein the parents were unfamiliar with teachers and the only time they knew of a teacher was when their child complained about them.The Guru-Shishya relation should be developed in academic world just as it was seen in the sports world.He also spoke about setting one’s priority and the time table accordingly. As for the career choice was concerned, he advised the students to focus on ‘What to do’ rather that ‘what to become’.The Prime Minister exhorted the students to always be a learner and strive to strengthen the learner in them as exams and results were nothing but byproducts. He showered his best wishes on all the students across the nation who were listening to him.

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