Faculty Workshops

  • 8th – 9th Feb’19 :-

    The school counsellor, Ms Niharika attended a two-day Capacity Building Program at Father Agnel School on inclusion and inclusive strategies (8th – 9th Feb, 2019). It was organized by CBSE and was comprehensive in terms of covering relevant updates about the PWD Act as well as the inclusive strategies which schools can adopt as part of practicing inclusion. Several group sensitizing and brainstorming activities were conducted by the facilitator, Ms Pooja Shivam. The overall experience was enriching and provided many new insights with regard to how inclusive strategies can be implemented.

  • 7th Feb’19 :-

    Mrs .Deepa Thomas (TGT) attended a Capacity Building programme on  ‘Remodeled Assessment’ organised by C.B.S.E. at DPS Greater Noida  on 7th February 2019. Various activites were conducted to provide an insight into subject enrichment activities, co-scholastic activities,various  parameters of assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic activities etc. The workshop provided ample information on periodic tests, weightage, coverage of the syllabus, question paper design comprising of very short answer,short answer, long answer questions. An important element of the workshop was to prepare rubric. It was reiterated that while making rubrics, the teachers should keep in mind the learning objectives of the task to be assessed.  Overall it was a great learning experience and the activities suggested were those which could practically implemented.

  • 20th december’18 :-

    Mrs Anindita Paul,TGT English, attended a workshop on Conflict Management   organized by Oxford University Press at Pragyan School, Greater Noida on 20 December,2018 to emphasize the development of essential communication skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Dr. Jesudoss, an educator, career-consultant and renowned language trainer was the resource person. The workshop dealt with Collaboration and Communication of School (Principal/Teachers) with Pre-primary parents. Handling of parents and giving them emotional space were touched upon. Mantra of 4 A’s Attitude, Acknowledge, Apology and Action was shared.The 2nd half of the session was devoted to launch of Oxford Advantage, little Champs for Pre-primary children which is based on cross-disciplinary theme based learning.

  • 14th  & 15th december’18 :-

    A two day CBSE Capacity building programme on career guidance was organised at Ryan International School, Ghaziabad from 14.12.18 to 15.12.18. The resource person was Ms. Abha Jha a renowned Career counsellor. It was attended by Dr. Priyanka  Nagi. HOD Science. The workshop has enabled teachers to guide their students in self-understanding and self-directing to solve problems and make choices and decisions on their own. The resource person enabled the teachers to understand and apply the variables which affect career choices. Strategies for imparting career information were also discussed. Participants were also made aware of the considerations which are important for the students before taking admission in any institution.

  • 29th  november’ & 1st  november 18 :-

    A workshop was held at Conference Centre, University of Delhi to develop High Order Teaching skill in the FLE classrooms for French teachers by Goyal Publishers Pvt.Ltd. on 29th November and 1st December 2018. It was a teachers training program based on creating and nurturing a language friendly environment, integrating “interculturality” in a multilingual environment. Resource person M. Laurant Pozzana equipped the teachers with different ways to create a proper environment for the young learners and Mme. Emelie Pommier, another resource person discussed the strategies and usage of technology in classroom. It was a very informative workshop which will be helpful to create ideal teacher-student exchange in the FLE classroom.

  • 24th  november’18 :-

    A ONE day CBSE Capacity building programme on remodelled Assessment was organised at Holy Public School, Greater Noida on 24 November 2018. The resource person was Mr. Arvind Srivastava Principal Sai Public School Kashipur. It was attended by Mrs. Madhusmita Purohit, TGT Science. The focus of the workshop was to clarify the objectives of Remodelled Assessment at Secondary Level and the correct implementation of the new system at the school level. All the CBSE Circulars related to the Remodelled Assessment were discussed elaborately. Guidelines for Periodic Tests and Notebook Assessment were given. Importance was also given to Health and Physical Education in classes IX – XII. The resource person enabled the teachers to understand and apply the variables which affect career choices. Strategies for imparting career information were also discussed. Participants were also made aware of the considerations which are important for the students before taking admission in any institution.

  • 26th  september’18 :-

    A workshop on ‘Addiction in school children-New Age Challenges’ was organized by ICTRC on 26th September, 2018 at India International Centre. The counsellor of The Khaitan School, Ms Niharika Kalra attended the workshop in order to represent the school. The chief speaker Dr. V.S. Ravindran (Educational psychologist and trainer) emphasized on the prevention of addiction in children through dialogue and direct engagement. He also focused on the psychology of addictive behaviors including the host, agent and setting in which it initiates. Case studies, examples and clinical references were made to enlighten the audience as well as emphasize on the increasing need for its prevention.

  • 31st  august’18 :-

    Macmillan Education conducted a ‘Maths Skill Meet’ on Macmillan Campus, D-90,Sector-2, Noida on 31st Aug’18(Fri) from 9.30-1.30pm. Ms.Kavita Bhayana from Classes I & II and Ms.V.Lalitha from Classes III – V attended the Maths Skill Meet.The resource person of  Maths Skill  Meet  was  Mr.Syed F Sattar , who is an expert in learning pedagogy of Singapore approach to Mathematics.The main concept of the workshop was “CPA”:- Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract. The CPA technique builds on children’s existing knowledge by introducing abstract concepts in a concrete and tangible way. It involves progressive learning from concrete materials to pictorial representation and further to abstract symbols and problems.In the concrete step, students engage in hands-on learning experiences using concrete objects such as chips, dice or paper clips. This is followed by drawing pictorial representation of mathematical concepts. Students then solve mathematical problems in an abstract way using numbers and symbols.Overall, the workshop was good and informative.

  • 6th  june’18 :-

    A training programme on “ Behaviour Problems” was conducted on 6th June’ 2018 at the Indian Social Institute by Dr. V. S. Ravindran, eminent psychologist. It was attended by the school counsellor Ms. Neha Dutt. The training highlighted the types of behavior problems, prevention and management of different types of behavior. Case studies specific to certain patterns of behavior were shared and group discussions based on the same were conducted. The training session ended with a key message to treasure the hidden potential in each child.

  • 16th  MAY’18 :-

    The EVMS workshop started with the Welcome address and Floral welcome of the Resource Person Ms. Manushi Roy by the EVMS HOD Ms. Preeti Singh. Ms. Manushi Roy is a renowned author, editor, textbook writer, skit presenter and has done translation in English, Hindi and Bengali.The topic of the workshop was- Changes in Pedagogy in EVS.To begin the session, Ms. Manushi gifted a book to the school library ‘The Basketball Tournament’ and began with the discussion on the topics like ‘Latest CBSE Pedagogy to teach EVS, “What is EVS”, Why to study EVS and ways to teach EVS’.The session was made interactive by incorporating entertaining games/ activities such as-  Pairing, Time Capsule, Game of Coordination, Segregating Wastes in green, blue and black bins.The workshop was informative, constructive and interactive.

  • 15th  MAY’18 :-

    “New Maths Ahead “Publisher, “Orient Blackswan” organized a Maths workshop on Activity based methodologies for effective  teaching of Mathematics. Different teaching strategies were shared by Ms. Sumanjeet Kaur with excellent delivery, engaging activities, brilliant pace and outstanding outcomes. These methods will make the mathematical concepts clearer even for those students who need improvement. It will be helpful for explaining the concepts from simple to concrete.  Activities based on mathematical concepts including Formation of a number by using Place values, Multiple of a number, Decimals and Angles were conducted by involving all the teachers in order to make maths interesting for our students. The facilitator had brilliant technical and pedagogical knowledge. Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt such a lot. This workshop was an absolutely brilliant experience for the teachers.

  • 11th  JAN’18 :-

    A Maths workshop was conducted by The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj on 11th Jan.’2018. The topic was DEMYSTIFY MATHS – An experimental, Reak life approach to Mathematics, presented by Ron Lancaster, Professor at University of Toronto. Ms.V.Lalitha, PRT and Ms.Kamalpreet Kaur TGT attended the workshop. Teachers from 50 various schools from Delhi and NCR were present. Mr. Lancaster introduced different activities to make the subject innovative, interesting and interactive. He emphasized on outdoor activities with open ended questions. He elaborated that each activity should involve every student of the class and it should be an enjoyable experience for them collectively. He introduced a new concept that OR code could be generated of the activities conducted in the class and videos can be shown to the parents and to the students, as well, to recapitulate their work. He also suggested that incase outdoor activities were not possible, then pictures should be clicked to reinforce the concept to the students. In the end, all the practically viable suggestions/ alternatives to make maths as an acceptable and fearless subject were discussed. Overall, it was a fruitful and enlightening workshop.

  • 4th & 5th DEC’17 :-

    French teacher Ms.Shashi Gupta and Ms. Surbhi Jain attended a two day workshop. It was organized by Goyal Publishers Pvt. Ltd. and Alliance française on the 4th and 5th Dec’2017 at Conference Centre, North Campus, University of Delhi. It was about Higher Order Teaching Skills in the field of teaching French as foreign language. A team of international trainers has equipped the participants with knowledge of various pedagogical developments in this area. There were different sessions on different topics. Participants had the choice to choose according to their requirements. They attended the session by Ms. Cecilia, who gave a lecture on oral competency of sounds and the letters, which was very fruitful for all. There were some games to clear the doubts of the students while teaching ‘tenses’. It was definitely very informative workshop, we will incorporate this electric approach and new ideas and methods in our teaching for the betterment of our students.

  • 10th &11th OCT’17 :-

    Ms. Monika Mathur (Middle School Coordinator) and Ms. Neha Dutt (Counsellor) attended the International Conference on Education on 10th and 11th November’2017 at the India Habitat Centre. The conference aimed at sensitizing the audience about carving global citizens – the sustainable way. Ms. Usha Albuquerque, Founder- Career Smart discussed career planning and goals and role of technology in implementing various career streams. The panel discussion headed by Ms. Jyotsana Bhardwaj (consulting counsellor) and Ms. Chetna Sabharwal (counsellor)  focussed on parenting role and students receptivity towards parent’s guidance in choosing various streams.

  • 5th OCT’17 :-

    Camlin Kayoko organized a workshop on Oct.05, 2017 at garden Galleria Mall, Noida. It was attended by teachers from 25 schools. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize teachers with Camlin new medium of colours. All the participants had hands on experience with the new medium of colours  and found it very helpful and interesting. Mrs. Vandana Datta, PGT-Fine Arts had the opportunity to launch the new colours before the audience. One of the best colours liked by most people was pastel with linseed oil which gives a  realistic touch to oil painting. The spray colours which are non-toxic, also looked attractive. Overall it was a very interesting and useful session.

  • 15th & 16th Sept.’17 :-

    Ms.Madhusmita Purohit and Ms.Soma Sur Chowdhary attended a workshop by CBSE at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara on Capacity Building Programme on 15th & 16th Sept.’17. The resource person were Ms.Parul Principal, National Victor Public School and Mrs.Ira, Principal Vidya Bharti School.The major areas of discussion in the workshop were framing instructional objectives for teaching science according to NCF 2005. Various tools and techniques of assessment and making lesson plans were also discussed. Importance of practicals in teaching science was a part of workshop. Making concept map for revision of lesson was also practiced.The workshop was indeed very effective in making lesson plans, framing value based questions and relating the assessment with the objectives.

  • 12th & 13thSept.’17 :-

    A two days capacity building programme was attended by Ms. Nupur Pal and Ms.Deepa Thomas on challenging areas in social science for class X which was organized by CBSE at Indus Valley Public School on 12th & 13thSept.’17. The resource person were Mr.M.L.Sawhney, Former PGT Pol Science and Ms.Santosh Vyas, vice Principal Sadhu Vanshwani School.

    The discussion was based on NCF 2005 and guidelines on multiple intelligence theory of Bloom’s Taxonomy. They also discussed assessment techniques to frame ideal question paper focusing application based learning, which proved extremely helpful. Through various activities, they made teachers understand and analyse the topic through inter disciplinary approach. Teachers must develop the competencies to relate the topic in context with their surroundings and experiences.

    The workshop gave an opportunity to learn effective ways to lesson planning and also emphasized an generating positive emotions within oneself and accepting students without inhibitions, thus building a sensible environment in the class as well as in school.

  • 30th june 2017:-

    A workshop for EVMS teachers was organized on 30th June, 2017 in the school auditorium in coordination with Eduline Publishers. The workshop was conducted by MS. Sayee Lakshmi, author of History section in Harper and Collins book ‘Expeditions’.The workshop was divided into two sessions. The first session included a powerpoint presentation by Ms Sayee Lakshmi the resource person that teachers need to adopt technology aided and child centred teaching methodologies. She also emphasized to design creative individual and group classroom activities, organize outdoor learning experiences, hands on activities for students to make EVMS meaningful, realistic and facilitate a process of self learning among the pupils by connecting with their natural and human made environment.The second session was interactive and activity based involving all the teachers to prepare comprehensive lesson plans on different topics to improve the learning outcomes of students and foster  in them a positive attitude towards environment. The workshop was a good learning experience for all the teachers.

  • 22nd april 2017 :-

    A Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills was organised by CBSE at Apeejay School, Noida on 22nd April’2017. Ms. Neha Dutt, counsellor attended the programme. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Harjinder Kaur, Principal G.D. Goenka School, Muzafarpur and Mr. Balvinder Singh, Principal Gurunanak Modern School, Kanpur. Participants were apprised of the necessity of Life Skills and the need for the schools to implement life skills for all students. The workshop comprised of hands on activities, group discussions and presentations depicting the various life skills involved in our daily activities. Certificates of participation were handed over to the participants.

    7th Jan 2017 :-

    A workshop on ‘Capacity Building – Life Skills’ was conducted by CBSE on 7th Jan 2017 at Gyanshree School, Noida. Ms. Reena Kumar (HOD Physics) and Ms. Preeti Singh (HOD EVMS) attended the workshop on behalf of The Khaitan School. The aim of the workshop was to generate the need amongst the participants to get more in depth understanding of life skills as identified by WHO. It was reiterated by the resource persons Ms. Neera Chopra and Ms. Anuradha Chabbra that these skills are interrelated and reinforce each other. Together these skills are responsible for the Psychological competence, self-efficacy and help nurture holistic development amongst students. Overall the workshop was informative and fruitful.

  • 10TH december 16:-

    A lot of teachers from the commerce stream stepped out from their classes on December 10 2016, to take part in an interesting faculty development programme held in ICAI Bhawan, Noida. The faculty development programme was organized by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The development programme was on accounting and was conducted for the faculty of commerce stream of higher secondary school. The event commenced at 10 am with CA Mukesh Singh Kushwaha’s introduction of the event. Mr. Kushwaha is the chairman of career counselling committee, ICAI. Then CA [dr] G.S Grewal deliberated on the specifics of the programme. He talked about the accounting standards 1,2,3,6,9,26 and 29 covering accounting concepts. This faculty development/enrichment programme was conducted to help faculty members to gain insights into recent trends and practices in commerce stream. Mr.N.L.Tewary, PGT. Commerce, from our school participated in this workshop.

  • 7th-9th october 16:-

    A workshop on Mindfulness in Education Retreat was organized by Genesis Global School, Noida from 7th Oct. – 9 Oct.’16 which was attended by Ms. Neha Dutt and Ms. Pooja Ahuja. It was based on Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Exercises covered in workshop were good-meditation with “bell” as the focus, relaxation (deep imagery) were practiced.

  • 19TH SEPTEMBER 16:-

    An enlightening and enriching interaction was organized by Times NIE at Kidzania, a global edutainment theme park built like a city that empowers children through more that 90 real life role playing activities in a fun environment. It was attended by Ms. Bindu Gupta. A motivational talk, yoga sessions to de-stress and take care of typical teacher related problems and a detailed experience of the activities was the focus of the meet. A visit is recommended for the primary classes specially to make them aware and expose them to various professions (radio jockey, doctor, designer etc.) through role play.

  • 30TH JULY 16:-

    A workshop on ‘Professional Enrichment Programme’ at Ahlcon Public School, Delhi and was attended by Mr. N.L. Tewary on 30th July, 2016. The resource persons for the workshop were Mr. V. Vason – an eminent author of accountancy. Recent changes in curriculum, introduction of Company Act-2013, ESOP, changes in the topics of redemption of debentures etc. was discussed in the programme. It was a productive, enriching and fruitful programme for professional development of commerce teachers.

  • 22nd & 23rd JULY 16:-

    Mrs.N.Gupta, TGT Science and Ms.S.Halder, PGT Maths attended a workshop on ‘Capacity Building Programme on Scholastic Aspects of CCE’ held at Pragyan School, Noida. Resource persons were Ms. Rajni Jamini and Reema Anex Daniel.  This workshop was about reinforcement of CCE. About 26 school participated. The session started by discussing challenges while implementing CCE. The entire two days programme was divided into number of  sessions where keywords related to CCE its meaning, features and concept.

  • 16TH JULY 16:-

    CBSE workshop on ‘Question Paper Setting & Evaluation’ for teachers was conducted by the CBSE at DAV School, Noida on 16th July, 2016. Mr. Sajeev P. Paruvanani, HOD English attended the workshop. The resource person was Mr. Opkar Singh associated with CBSE question paper setting committee. During the workshop teachers were briefed about how to make ideal question papers. He also stressed on the need to use the right words in the question to avoid ambiguity. Each teacher was asked to make a question paper and it was thoroughly discussed. Overall, it was a good learning experience.

  • 11TH JULY 16:-

    Mr Nandalal Tewary, PGT Commerce attended one day ‘Faculty Development Programme’ for the teachers of commerce stream organized by the Career Counselling Committee, ICAI Bhawan, Noida. C.A, Mohd Salim, Sanjay Vohra and Anil Sharma were the resource persons. They discussed about the ‘Implementation of IFRS & challenges before Commerce teachers.  They also discussed about ‘Accounting Standards’ and discussed the companies Act 2013. It was a brain storming session which helped to gain insights into recent trends and practices in the commerce stream. It was very useful for the commerce faculty.

  • 29TH MARCH 16:-

    A workshop on Classroom Management was organized for Senior School Teachers on 29-03-16. Resource person Dr. Sapna Zarwal discussed the strategies for effective Classroom Management. Teachers participated in group activities and collectively discussed the ways for enriching the execution of academic and non academic sessions.

  • 29TH MARCH 16:-

    A workshop on ‘Modern techniques and best methodology for teaching EVMS’ was conducted by resource person Mr. Ali Zamah from Cardova Publications pvt. Ltd. The main focus was learning through oratory, visual, read and write and kinaesthetic techniques to cater to the needs of average, below average and above average students. Teachers from class- 1-5 attended the workshop.

  • 26TH MARCH 16:-

    A Hindi Workshop was conducted in the School library by Prachi Publication on 26th March, 2016 for Primary teachers. The resource person was Mr. Vipin Kumar Sharma, an eminent educationist, writer and research scholar. The main topics that were highlighted included aim of education, methodology of language teaching, teaching of prose and verse and teaching of grammar. Different activities were conducted to involve the teachers and stress was laid on gender equality and religious tolerance through teaching of Hindi language. The forum was opened for questions and tips were provided for effective curriculum transaction.

  • 22nd and 23rd MARCH 16:-

    A Communication skill workshop was held for the Pre-Primary teachers on 22 and 23rd March’16in the A.V.Room.The resource persons were Ms. Leena Kapoor from Ratna Sagar Publications and Ms.Shikha Nautiyal from the Times Of India .The teachers learnt various aspects of Communication  and actively participated in different activities. Stress was laid on the use of body language , tone and right words for transmitting a message clearly and with tact.
    Listening skills are also of utmost importance .Teachers also learnt innovative ways of effectively communicating with the students , parents and colleagues. The workshops were interesting and helpful in improving  the inter personal communication of the teachers.


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