Faculty Workshops

        • May 13th’ 2019:

          A workshop on ‘Changes in EVS pedagogy’ was conducted for primary wing teachers on 13th May, 2019 in the ASL Lab. The resource person for the workshop was Ms Gita Duggal renowned author, editor, textbook writer and skit presenter. The topic of the workshop was- Changes in EVS Pedagogy, The four different types of learning styles (Visual, Auditory, Tactile and Kinethetic) and learning objectives (concepts, skills, attitude and values). The EVS workshop started with the Welcome address and formal welcome of the Resource Person Ms. Gita Duggal by the EVS HOD Ms. Preeti Singh. Ms. Gita initiated the session by sharing her experience with an interaction on topics like latest CBSE Pedagogy to teach EVS, What is EVS, Why to study EVS and innovative ways to teach EVS. EVS teachers of TKS, Ms Swati, Ms Agnes, Ms Deepti and Ms Rubia gave a presentation on the student initiated teaching methodology followed in our school with the help of audio-visual aids and activities. The session was made interactive with the incorporation of entertaining games/ activities such as- making expressions on face, thumb painting, mapping, mnemonics etc. The workshop was informative, constructive and interactive.

        • May 4th’ 2019:

          The school counselors, Ms Pooja and Ms Niharika attended a workshop named ‘The Dive Within: Counsellor’s fulcrum to introspection’ at ‘Parwarish Care Foundation’ on 4th May’19. The session focused on self-reflection and development of empathy through stipulated activities. Sensitization towards need to avoid pre-conceived notions and subjectivity during practice was conducted. The workshop offered insight and reinforced counselling skills for the participants.

        • April 26th’ 2019:

          The primary school counsellor, Ms. Pooja Ahuja attended a workshop on “Acceptance and Inclusion” of Special Needs people on 26th April, 2019 (Sunrise Learning Noida, Center for Autism and Special Needs) by Dr. Sonali Kataria. The workshop highlighted the Red flags of early detection of common neurological symptoms, creating a world that accepts and respects uniqueness of all. Case studies specific to certain patterns of behavior were shared and group discussions based on the same were conducted.

        • August. 11th’ 2018:

          An awareness workshop on “How to prevent Cancer” was organized for the senior staff in the school premises on 11th August 2018 by Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research centre in collaboration with The Cancer Foundation of Rotary International Districts 3011 & 3012.Speaker Dr. Suversha Khanna (President, Founder Dharamshila Hospital). In her address apprised the audience of the magnitude of the spread of cancer, common cancers found in India amongst men and women, the warning signs that reveal cancer and causes of cancer.In her power point presentation she also suggested steps for prevention of cancer and how to look for signs for early detection.

        • August. 8th’ 2018:

          Senior faculty attended a seminar, organized by Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) on Create, Connect, Respect at the Claridges, New Delhi on 8th August 2018.The forum that was set up to explore diverse perspectives and various strategies to ensure a safer online environment for our children, gave an insight on the risks, perils and threats to our children on the digital platform.The opening remarks were given by Mr. Javier Aguilar, Chief of child protection, UNICEF on the need to protect our children at home and in school from online predators and create a safer digital space for them.The introductory address was given by Mr. Vedant Khaitan, Trustee, The Khaitan School & Co Chair North-FICCI Arise. He informed the forum that only 18% of the time of a child is spent at school. He urged the members of the forum to empower the children and enhance their life skills. In continuation to this seminar, a workshop was conducted in the school by Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Cyber Security expert for students of class VIII, XI and XII on 26th Sept.’18.It was well received by the students.

        • June. 6th’ 2018:

          A training programme on “ Behaviour Problems” was conducted on 6th June’ 2018 at the Indian Social Institute by Dr. V. S. Ravindran, an eminent psychologist. It was attended by the school counsellor Ms. Neha Dutt.

          The training highlighted the types of behavior problems, prevention and management of different types of behavior. Case studies specific to certain patterns of behavior were shared and group discussions based on the same was conducted.

        • July. 21st’ 2018:

          The Khaitan School hosted a capacity building workshop organised by COE Dehradun Region on 21 July 2018 Ms. Jaishree Joshi, former Principal Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida and Ms. Gitanjali Kumar, renowned psychologist and counsellor were the resource persons. 65 teachers from NCR attended the programme. The whole programme was divided into six sessions and an Open House. The theme of the workshop was gender sensitivity and a number of activities such as role play were conducted. Ms. Gitanjali Kumar also discussed the salient point of the POCSO Act.

        • May. 18th’ 2018:

          An EVMS workshop was organized for the Primary Wing.  The workshop was focused on the latest pedagogy to teach EVS and it was made interactive by incorporating activities such as paring, time capsule, co-ordination and segregation.

        • May. 18th’ 2018:

          On May 18, 2018, a workshop on First Aid and CPR Training was held for Primary and Pre Primary Department.The resource person, Ms Nisha, Head Educator of Training Department at Fortis Hospital explained in detail with practical demonstration of various steps to provide immediate first aid in case of medical emergencies. The first aid training gave the information and the skills one needed to help adults and children during emergency situations.

        • May. 17th’ 2018:

          On May 17, 2018, a workshop on English communication and soft skills was held for the teachers of Primary Department. The guest speaker for the day was Ms. Samridhi Sagar, a renowned face in the field of education. Ms. Sagar insisted on the importance of ‘ME’ time in everybody’ s life and encouraged the teachers to follow it effectively. She discussed the need to be Self Aware and to do a SWOT analysis [ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats] to be able to communicate better. She stressed on discussing instead of debating to be able to resolve any problem.

        • May. 11th and 12th’ 2018:

          New Maths Ahead “Publisher, “Orient Blackswan” organized a Maths workshop on Activity based methodologies for effective  teaching of Mathematics. Different teaching strategies were shared by Ms. Sumanjeet Kaur with excellent delivery, engaging activities, brilliant pace and outstanding outcomes. Activities based on mathematical concepts including Formation of a number by using Place values, Multiple of a number, Decimals and Angles were conducted by involving all the teachers in order to make maths interesting for our students.

        • May. 11th and 12th’ 2018:

          Ms. Shailaja and Ms. Kashika Dabra participated in a workshop on “The Awakened Citizen Programme”, conducted by Ramakrishna Mission at Ramakrishna Ashram, New Delhi on 11 and 12 May 2018. The 2 day intensive programme stressed on developing faith in students’ infinite universal possibilities and how to improve themselves continuously by facing challenges positively.

        • Dec. 27th’ 2017:

          On 27th Dec’17 KPL learning associates conducted a workshop in the school auditorium for Pre- Primary and Primary teachers. The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Kawaljit Barara Senior Academic Coordinator KPL Learning.  In the workshop the teachers were briefed on how the different domains of childhood like  moral,  social, aesthetic, cognitive  and creative skills can be developed.The teachers were handed over different KPL kits and asked to work with them. The resource person explained that with each kit children would benefit in learning concepts of English, Hindi and Maths.

        • Dec. 15th’ 2017:

          Principal Ms. D. Kaur, Counsellors Ms. Neha Dutt and Ms. Pooja Ahuja attended the National Summit of School Principals on Sexual Behavior of school children in changing socio cultural environment organized by Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy on December 15th, 2017 at India International Centre.Renowned educational psychologist and trainer Dr. V.S. Ravindran sensitized on how to help children in making good decisions and responsible choices about sexual behaviors. The summit also stressed on empowering parents and school authorities with the necessary knowledge , skills and attitude which are simple to adopt in everyday practice

        • Nov. 10th and 11th’ 2017:

          Ms. Monika Mathur (Middle School Coordinator) and Ms. Neha Dutt (Counsellor) attended the International Conference on Education on 10th and 11th November’2017 at the India Habitat Centre. The conference aimed at sensitizing the audience about carving global citizens – the sustainable way. Ms. Usha Albuquerque, Founder- Career Smart discussed career planning and goals and role of technology in implementing various career streams. The panel discussion headed by Ms. Jyotsana Bhardwaj (consulting counsellor) and Ms. Chetna Sabharwal (counsellor)  focussed on parenting role and students receptivity towards parent’s guidance in choosing various streams.

        • Oct. 05′ 2017:

          Camlin Kayoko organized a workshop on Oct.05, 2017 at garden Galleria Mall, Noida. It was attended by teachers from 25 schools. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize teachers with Camlin new medium of colours. All the participants had hands on experience with the new medium of colours  and found it very helpful and interesting. Mrs. Vandana Datta, PGT-Fine Arts had the opportunity to launch the new colours before the audience. One of the best colours liked by most people was pastel with linseed oil which gives a  realistic touch to oil painting. The spray colours which are non-toxic, also looked attractive. Overall it was a very interesting and useful session.


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