Faculty Workshops

  • 22nd april 2017 :-

    A Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills was organised by CBSE at Apeejay School, Noida on 22nd April’2017. Ms. Neha Dutt, counsellor attended the programme. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Harjinder Kaur, Principal G.D. Goenka School, Muzafarpur and Mr. Balvinder Singh, Principal Gurunanak Modern School, Kanpur. Participants were apprised of the necessity of Life Skills and the need for the schools to implement life skills for all students. The workshop comprised of hands on activities, group discussions and presentations depicting the various life skills involved in our daily activities. Certificates of participation were handed over to the participants.

    7th Jan 2017 :-

    A workshop on ‘Capacity Building – Life Skills’ was conducted by CBSE on 7th Jan 2017 at Gyanshree School, Noida. Ms. Reena Kumar (HOD Physics) and Ms. Preeti Singh (HOD EVMS) attended the workshop on behalf of The Khaitan School. The aim of the workshop was to generate the need amongst the participants to get more in depth understanding of life skills as identified by WHO. It was reiterated by the resource persons Ms. Neera Chopra and Ms. Anuradha Chabbra that these skills are interrelated and reinforce each other. Together these skills are responsible for the Psychological competence, self-efficacy and help nurture holistic development amongst students. Overall the workshop was informative and fruitful.

  • 10TH december 16:-

    A lot of teachers from the commerce stream stepped out from their classes on December 10 2016, to take part in an interesting faculty development programme held in ICAI Bhawan, Noida. The faculty development programme was organized by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The development programme was on accounting and was conducted for the faculty of commerce stream of higher secondary school. The event commenced at 10 am with CA Mukesh Singh Kushwaha’s introduction of the event. Mr. Kushwaha is the chairman of career counselling committee, ICAI. Then CA [dr] G.S Grewal deliberated on the specifics of the programme. He talked about the accounting standards 1,2,3,6,9,26 and 29 covering accounting concepts. This faculty development/enrichment programme was conducted to help faculty members to gain insights into recent trends and practices in commerce stream. Mr.N.L.Tewary, PGT. Commerce, from our school participated in this workshop.

  • 7th-9th october 16:-

    A workshop on Mindfulness in Education Retreat was organized by Genesis Global School, Noida from 7th Oct. – 9 Oct.’16 which was attended by Ms. Neha Dutt and Ms. Pooja Ahuja. It was based on Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Exercises covered in workshop were good-meditation with “bell” as the focus, relaxation (deep imagery) were practiced.

  • 19TH SEPTEMBER 16:-

    An enlightening and enriching interaction was organized by Times NIE at Kidzania, a global edutainment theme park built like a city that empowers children through more that 90 real life role playing activities in a fun environment. It was attended by Ms. Bindu Gupta. A motivational talk, yoga sessions to de-stress and take care of typical teacher related problems and a detailed experience of the activities was the focus of the meet. A visit is recommended for the primary classes specially to make them aware and expose them to various professions (radio jockey, doctor, designer etc.) through role play.

  • 30TH JULY 16:-

    A workshop on ‘Professional Enrichment Programme’ at Ahlcon Public School, Delhi and was attended by Mr. N.L. Tewary on 30th July, 2016. The resource persons for the workshop were Mr. V. Vason – an eminent author of accountancy. Recent changes in curriculum, introduction of Company Act-2013, ESOP, changes in the topics of redemption of debentures etc. was discussed in the programme. It was a productive, enriching and fruitful programme for professional development of commerce teachers.

  • 22nd & 23rd JULY 16:-

    Mrs.N.Gupta, TGT Science and Ms.S.Halder, PGT Maths attended a workshop on ‘Capacity Building Programme on Scholastic Aspects of CCE’ held at Pragyan School, Noida. Resource persons were Ms. Rajni Jamini and Reema Anex Daniel.  This workshop was about reinforcement of CCE. About 26 school participated. The session started by discussing challenges while implementing CCE. The entire two days programme was divided into number of  sessions where keywords related to CCE its meaning, features and concept.

  • 16TH JULY 16:-

    CBSE workshop on ‘Question Paper Setting & Evaluation’ for teachers was conducted by the CBSE at DAV School, Noida on 16th July, 2016. Mr. Sajeev P. Paruvanani, HOD English attended the workshop. The resource person was Mr. Opkar Singh associated with CBSE question paper setting committee. During the workshop teachers were briefed about how to make ideal question papers. He also stressed on the need to use the right words in the question to avoid ambiguity. Each teacher was asked to make a question paper and it was thoroughly discussed. Overall, it was a good learning experience.

  • 11TH JULY 16:-

    Mr Nandalal Tewary, PGT Commerce attended one day ‘Faculty Development Programme’ for the teachers of commerce stream organized by the Career Counselling Committee, ICAI Bhawan, Noida. C.A, Mohd Salim, Sanjay Vohra and Anil Sharma were the resource persons. They discussed about the ‘Implementation of IFRS & challenges before Commerce teachers.  They also discussed about ‘Accounting Standards’ and discussed the companies Act 2013. It was a brain storming session which helped to gain insights into recent trends and practices in the commerce stream. It was very useful for the commerce faculty.

  • 29TH MARCH 16:-

    A workshop on Classroom Management was organized for Senior School Teachers on 29-03-16. Resource person Dr. Sapna Zarwal discussed the strategies for effective Classroom Management. Teachers participated in group activities and collectively discussed the ways for enriching the execution of academic and non academic sessions.

  • 29TH MARCH 16:-

    A workshop on ‘Modern techniques and best methodology for teaching EVMS’ was conducted by resource person Mr. Ali Zamah from Cardova Publications pvt. Ltd. The main focus was learning through oratory, visual, read and write and kinaesthetic techniques to cater to the needs of average, below average and above average students. Teachers from class- 1-5 attended the workshop.

  • 26TH MARCH 16:-

    A Hindi Workshop was conducted in the School library by Prachi Publication on 26th March, 2016 for Primary teachers. The resource person was Mr. Vipin Kumar Sharma, an eminent educationist, writer and research scholar. The main topics that were highlighted included aim of education, methodology of language teaching, teaching of prose and verse and teaching of grammar. Different activities were conducted to involve the teachers and stress was laid on gender equality and religious tolerance through teaching of Hindi language. The forum was opened for questions and tips were provided for effective curriculum transaction.

  • 22nd and 23rd MARCH 16:-

    A Communication skill workshop was held for the Pre-Primary teachers on 22 and 23rd March’16in the A.V.Room.The resource persons were Ms. Leena Kapoor from Ratna Sagar Publications and Ms.Shikha Nautiyal from the Times Of India .The teachers learnt various aspects of Communication  and actively participated in different activities. Stress was laid on the use of body language , tone and right words for transmitting a message clearly and with tact.
    Listening skills are also of utmost importance .Teachers also learnt innovative ways of effectively communicating with the students , parents and colleagues. The workshops were interesting and helpful in improving  the inter personal communication of the teachers.

    19TH jan 16:-

    Anindiata Adhikari, PGT Economics attended a workshop on Progressive Learning in Economics at KDB Public School, Old Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad on 19th Jan 2016. It was an interactive workshop with emphasis on clearance of certain conceptual doubts of participating teachers.

  • 5Th JAN & 6th JAN 15:-

    A two day training programme for teachers was conducted by the CBSE on 5th and 6th Jan 2016 at Delhi Public, Noida. The resource persons were Principal, ITL School, Delhi and Ms. Gitanjali Kumar, Senior Counsellor. Ms. S.Khurana, HM, The Khaitan School, attended the workshop .The workshop highlighted the need for inclusive education in schools. Modifying evaluation or assessment techniques for students with special needs were discussed and exemptions and provisions laid down by CBSE with respect to these students were explained for benefits of all.

  • 19th Dec 15:-

    A Workshop for Coordinators /HOD’s was organized by Quality Education Asia at Step By Step School Noida.The Resource person Ms. Rupam Sah discussed leadership Tenets and Styles with Activities and thought sheets. The workshop was attended by Ms. S.Sawhney Senior Coordinator and Mr. Sajeev Philip H.O.D English.

  • 18th Dec 15:-

    Ms. Pooja Ahuja Primary School Counsellor attended a workshop on ‘Child Sexual Abuse’. The workshop aimed at sensitizing about ‘Child Sexual Abuse-Prevention and Intervention’. The workshop highlighted the importance of preventing the abuse from happening instead of providing interventions later on.

  • 18th Dec 15:-

    A workshop was organized by India International Centre, Proof.Dr. Aruna Broota – Clinical Psychologist and retired Professor Department of Psychology, DU stressed the importance on the fact that India has moved at a fast pace however acceptance of adolescent issues still is far behind.The workshop was attended by Senior School Counsellor Ms. Neha Dutt.

  • 4thJuly’15 :-

    Mr.N.L.Tewary, PGT Commerce attended a workshop on ‘Recent changes in Curriculum in Commerce Subject’ at Ahlcon Public School, Delhi. Prof. D.K.Goel was the resource person. He discussed about the recent changes in Accountancy curriculum. Teachers from East Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Meerut were present for the workshop.

  • 25th Apr’15 :-

    Chinmaya Yuva Kendra along with Ahlcon International School organized a workshop where Swami Chidrupananda ji gave inspiring anecdotes and presentation. The workshop educated the participants of ways to unlock their full potential and provided techniques for easy stress relief to enhance all aspects of life. The workshop was attended by 2 teachers Ms. Sagun Nath and Ms. Shabeena Saifi of the primary wing.

  • 4th Apr‘15 :-

    A workshop on Fire Safety drill was conducted by the resource person, Mr. Rajeev in the school premises. It was attended by primary and few senior teachers. The resource person guided the teachers to be aware and follow the concept of RACE, i.e. rescue, alarm, close and extinguish. All the strategic plans were told to the teachers for being cautious and vigilant for any unforeseen future accident. Important contact numbers of fire brigade, police control room, hospitals etc. were given to the class teachers and they were instructed to display on their teacher’s board for any prompt action, when they are in need. The fire alarm and the terrorist hooter were played to make teachers aware and differentiate the sounds for any unforeseen future calamity. Later, the outdoor demonstration of the extinguisher was given and all the teachers took active part in the drill.


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