Educational Trip to France


Few Students of The Khaitan School, accompanied by Ms. Shashi Gupta went on a trip to France .This happened to be the third trip with school students. Each time, it is a new experience because there is a different set of students. We never visited France in autumn. The city of Paris was beautiful with different colors of leaves on trees and it was very clean as well. The students were stupefied by the city of architecture, fashion and monuments. We checked in to the Hotel Explorer near Disneyland. Apart from Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, Arc de triomphe, Quartier Latin, students were fascinated with Disneyland Park, the place of magical attractions, entertainment and special events. Palace of Versailles was another historical monument that was a part of our itinerary. It was an amazing spectacle where students were apprised of the history of making of the palace and the royalty that resided there. A boat cruise on the River Seine was a perfect end to our tour of Paris.

The educational trip continued in Strasbourg. Students thoroughly enjoyed the train journey of about 3 hoursin TGV, France’s high speed rail service operated by SNCF. The city of Strasbourg is in east of France and at the border of Germany and France. The Tramway is the most commonly used means of transport in the city. In our three day visit, we saw the city’s most famous Cathedral, Strasbourg University, and the European Parliament. Our students got the opportunity of interacting with the university students and gathering information about the different courses offered at the University. Also, we took a boat ride through the city of Strasbourg which was an enriching experience with audio commentary on how the old city and the new city came into being.

On the last day there, we visited the Port of the Rhinriver, which separates France and Germany. Not far from the Port, was a garden called Jardin de Deux Rives or the Two-shores Garden. This was the most novel occurrence for me as on one side of the garden was France and on the other side was Germany. In the middle, there was the River Rhin and the two countries are just connected by a long foot over bridge. The students were thrilled at the chance of walking into Germany and viewing signs of Deutschland, a most fitting way to bid adieu to France.

Date of Leaving: 17th October
Date of Return: 26th October
Teacher 1/C: Ms. Shashi Gupta

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