A Cultural Exploration: Class IV Students Visit Gurudwara in Sector 37, Noida

On a crisp Thursday morning, the 23rd of November 2023, the vibrant corridors of The Khaitan School, Noida, echoed with excitement as 248 eager students from Class IV embarked on a remarkable educational journey. Their destination: the Gurudwara nestled in Sector 37. This insightful visit was meticulously designed to provide the young minds with an immersive experience in understanding the intricacies of a Gurudwara and to foster a broader cultural awareness among them.

The students, with anticipation in their eyes, reached the Gurudwara at 10 am. In adherence to the sacred protocol, they respectfully covered their heads with headscarves and removed their shoes before ascending the stairs, signifying humility and reverence. The aroma of incense and the rhythmic sounds of hymns greeted them as they stepped into this sanctified space.

Guided by knowledgeable hosts, the children embarked on a journey through the various sections of the Gurudwara, unraveling the architectural and functional facets of this place of worship. The prayer hall, resonating with the melodic recitation of hymns, allowed the students to witness the solemnity of Sikh rituals. In a beautiful display of respect, they bowed in front of the Granth Sahib—the holy scripture of the Sikh community.

The immersive experience continued as the students explored the community kitchen and langar hall, gaining insights into the selfless service and inclusivity embedded in Sikh culture. Interactions with members of the Sikh community, including the Granthi (spiritual leader) and dedicated volunteers, provided the students with a firsthand understanding of Sikh practices and values.

As a sweet culmination to their visit, the students were offered Kadhah Prasad—a delectable prasad made of wheat flour, ghee, and sugar—customarily offered to Sikh gods. The joy on the faces of the young learners as they savored this unique offering mirrored the essence of cultural exchange and shared humanity.

The return journey to school was filled with animated discussions, reflections, and a newfound appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that makes our world so beautifully complex.


The educational visit to Gurudwara in Sector 37, Noida, proved to be more than just a field trip; it was a transformative experience. It not only broadened the students’ cultural horizons but also instilled in them a profound sense of respect for diversity and a deeper appreciation for the various religious practices that contribute to the rich mosaic of our society. Through such meaningful excursions, The Khaitan School continues to nurture enlightened global citizens, ready to embrace the world with open minds and compassionate hearts.

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