A Day of Triumph in Interschool Competition for TKS Students

In the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of healthy competition, the students of The Khaitan School recently participated in an interschool competition hosted by Sarvottam International School, Greater Noida. The event took place on September 1, 2023, and showcased the talents and capabilities of students from various institutions. Our students enthusiastically participated in several events, leaving an indelible mark of achievement and camaraderie.

A Multifaceted Competition


The interschool competition featured a diverse range of events catering to both primary and middle school students. These events included “Bhoomika Nirvaahan” (dramatic performance), “Vad Vivad Pratiyogita” (debate competition), “Hasya Kavi Sammelan” (comic poetry recitation), and “Doha Vaachan” (recitation of verses). Our students, brimming with enthusiasm and zeal, actively participated in most of the events, except “Doha Vaachan.”

Triumph in Bhoomika Nirvaahan

One of the highlights of our school’s performance was in the event “Bhoomika Nirvaahan,” where students showcased their dramatic skills. Adhya Sharma, a talented student from Grade 7, led the charge, alongside the remarkable ensemble of Sacchit, Aamishi, Raksha, and Shivangi, all hailing from Grade 6. Raksha, in particular, stood out with her exceptional acting abilities, earning praise from one of the teachers present at the competition. Their combined efforts resulted in our school securing a well-deserved third prize, a testament to their dedication and talent.

Success in Vad Vivad Pratiyogita

Another noteworthy achievement came in the “Vad Vivad Pratiyogita” (debate competition), where our students demonstrated their eloquence and persuasive skills. Simra Nadeem and Punya Singla, students from Grade 8, represented our school with aplomb. Their articulate arguments and compelling presentations earned The Khaitan School another third-place finish in this fiercely contested event.

A Great Exposure and Opportunity

The participation of our students in the interschool competition was more than just a platform for showcasing their talents; it was a valuable opportunity for growth and learning. Exposing our students to such competitive environments instills in them the qualities of perseverance, resilience, and teamwork. These experiences not only broaden their horizons but also serve as stepping stones for future endeavors.

The competition at Sarvottam International School not only tested the academic and artistic abilities of our students but also promoted sportsmanship and collaboration among schools. It was a day filled with excitement, laughter, and a shared passion for learning and self-improvement.

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