A Stargazer’s Dream: Astronomy Educational Trip to Astroport Sariska










On the crisp nights of October 10th and 11th, 2023, the students of The Khaitan School’s astronomy program embarked on an exhilarating educational trip to Astroport Sariska, a place where the night sky unveils its mysteries with breathtaking splendor. Organized by the Space team, this overnight adventure was an extraordinary opportunity for budding astronomers to delve into the celestial wonders above and acquire valuable insights into the world of stargazing.

Five Enriching Sessions

The educational trip was meticulously planned to offer students a well-rounded experience. Five captivating sessions were scheduled, each designed to ignite the passion for astronomy and provide hands-on learning experiences.

  • 1. Orientation to the Night Sky

The journey began with an orientation to the night sky. Students were introduced to the schedule for the overnight excursion and provided with a comprehensive overview of the sessions they would be participating in. In addition, they were acquainted with the tools that would aid them in their astronomical explorations, setting the stage for an exciting night ahead.

  • 2. Night Sky Through Maps


In this session, students dived into the world of celestial cartography. They were introduced to the Planisphere, a local sky map that would guide them through the night. By understanding how to efficiently use the Planisphere, students gained the skills needed to navigate the night sky with precision, identifying constellations, stars, and planets.



  • 3. Real-Time Night Sky Observation

The heart of the trip lay in the real-time night sky observation. With a clear and dark night sky, students were treated to a spectacular display of constellations and planets. They not only observed celestial objects but also learned to align the Planisphere to accurately pinpoint and explore specific objects in the night sky. This session allowed students to connect with the cosmos in an intimate and profound manner.

  • 4. Astrophotography During Overnight


Astronomy enthusiasts also had the opportunity to try their hand at astrophotography. Students were given insight into the settings of a DSLR camera and an introduction to the various controls available. Armed with this knowledge, they captured stunning photographs of the night sky, creating lasting memories and tangible reminders of their celestial adventure.


  • 5. Telescope Watch


The trip reached its zenith with the telescope watch session. Here, students learned how to align a telescope with specific celestial objects. They had the privilege of observing celestial gems like Saturn, Jupiter, and the Pole Star. In addition, they had the rare opportunity to explore some of the deep-sky objects that grace the heavens, offering a glimpse into the vastness of the universe.

The entire overnight adventure spanned 4-5 hours and was expertly organized by the Space team. The sessions were a perfect blend of informative content and interactive engagement, making the learning experience both enriching and enjoyable. Students participated with boundless enthusiasm and zeal, forming a deep connection with the cosmos that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

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