Aavahan: A Triumph of Knowledge and Spirit

In a celebration of intellect, research, and spirited competition, eleven students from The Khaitan School, Noida, showcased their talents at “Aavahan”, organized by Vishwa Bharti Public School, Noida, on November 3, 2023. Under the guidance of the Senior Wing Social Science Department and the unwavering support of Ms. Geetanjali Sharma (HOD Social Science), these students not only participated but emerged victorious, bringing honor and accolades to their alma mater.

Guiding Lights: The Senior Wing Social Science Department and Ms. Geetanjali Sharma:

The journey to success in “Aavahan” was marked by meticulous research and dedicated mentorship. The Senior Wing Social Science Department, recognizing the potential in their students, provided the necessary guidance to channel their intellect into meaningful research work. At the helm of this academic endeavor, Ms. Geetanjali Sharma, the Head of the Social Science Department, played a pivotal role, ensuring that the students were supported in the best possible way.

Triumphant Tales: The Victorious Students of The Khaitan School:

The Khaitan School emerged as a force to be reckoned with at “Aavahan,” with students securing notable positions in various events. The names of the triumphant students and their accomplishments are as follows:


  • Navyaa Yadav (Class XI, Section F, Admission No. K-12275):

    • Event: POLITICOS

    • Position Secured: 2nd Position

  • Manasvi Singh (Class XII, Section F, Admission No. K-5371):


    • Position Secured: 2nd Position

  • Shrishti Tiwari (Class XI, Section F, Admission No. K-6035):


    • Position Secured: 2nd Position

  • Shambhavi Srivastava (Class XII, Section F, Admission No. K-10868):


    • Position Secured: THE KHAITAN SCHOOL


A Rolling Trophy: The Crowning Glory for The Khaitan School:

The pinnacle of achievement came in the form of a Rolling Trophy, proudly claimed by The Khaitan School. This collective honor is a testament to the academic prowess, dedication, and team spirit that defines the school’s ethos.

Beyond Triumphs: Fostering a Spirit of Inquiry and Excellence:


“Aavahan” not only showcased the triumphs of The Khaitan School but also underscored the institution’s commitment to nurturing a spirit of inquiry and excellence. The participation of the students in research-based competitions reflects the school’s emphasis on holistic education, where knowledge goes beyond textbooks and is actively applied in real-world scenarios.

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