Mr. Vedant Khaitan, Vice Chairman

Message from Vice Chairman

Schools and educators today need to adapt themselves to a relevant curriculum, a dynamic pedagogy and cutting edge technology to ensure that learners of today are adequately equipped for careers in a highly uncertain tomorrow. Students need to have the ability to ‘learn, unlearn and relearn’ and to achieve this, schools have to think of ways of hard wiring this in their teaching process. The mindset of creating learners in a factory-style mass production setup has to change to cater to the needs of individual students who in turn need to be prepared for careers that don’t even exist today!

We, at The Khaitan School, are clear on our vision of impacting the lives of children who have a right to quality education which equips them with skills required to succeed in the 21st Century. We are focused on curriculum, empowered and distributed leadership, systems and processes and technology, all of which together will drive innovation like never before. We are committed to offering a differentiated curriculum that is in line with the Vision, Mission, Values and Culture of the school so that every single teacher and staff member is aligned to creating an impact on children that will last a lifetime. Besides this, even our infrastructure is consistently designed, modified and upgraded to remain in sync with ever changing curriculum needs.

Parents are our most valuable partners and we solicit their support, guidance and feedback to ensure that we do justice to those whom we seek to serve; our children. We are confident that with the right intentions and the right tools, The Khaitan School shall continue to contribute to nation building by instilling passion, compassion, love for learning, leadership, culture and a healthy mindset in all its students.

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