Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is applicable to all students. The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to provide guidelines for appropriate student behavior essential to the School community and its educational mission. Students are expected to comply with all laws and rules set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Students should bring the Almanac to school everyday.

  • Each student must affix his/her photograph and fill in the required information, duly signed by the parent, in the space provided for in the Almanac.

  • Students must reach school on time, at least five minutes before the bell rings at 7:50 am.

  • The ringing of the bell every morning is to indicate students to assemble immediately in perfect silence. As soon as they return to their classes, they should get their books ready for the first period.

  • Changing of classrooms between periods should be done promptly and in an organised manner. Students are required to move in lines.

  • The school uniform, only in school prescribed colour, should be immaculate, clean and smart and must be worn on all working days and school functions. Action will be taken against students who are habitually improperly dressed.

  • Shouting, whistling or using foul language is not allowed within the school premises.

  • Special care must be taken of all school property. Students must not litter and may use the garbage bins. They must not damage school furniture or property. Damage or breakage done even accidentally must be reported to the class teacher concerned. Students will be required to pay for any damage done to school property.

  • Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments, expensive watches, cassettes, CDs or mobile phones to school. If a student is found carrying any of the above, the same will be confiscated and action will be taken as per the rules. The school is not responsible for any goods lost.

  • Students are not allowed to come to school with henna.

  • Daily pocket money should not exceed Rs 20.

  • The school reserves the right to suspend students whose conduct is not in accordance with the code of conduct of the school and does not show improvement in spite of warnings.

  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.

  • Parents or guardians must not visit their wards or teachers in the classrooms.

  • Name, class, section and Admission No must be clearly marked on all the belongings of students. Blazers and Jerseys should also carry their name tags.

  • Latecomers, uniform defaulters, fee defaulters and children who do not do their homework regularly will be sent home after two warnings.

  • Students who come to school in the care of their domestic help should never leave before the latter arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the school office.

  • Any student found using unfair means during tests will be given zero in the subject and a warning letter. Repetition of the same will result in strict-action.

  • Non-Sikh boys must get their hair cut at regular intervals. Sikh boys must wear turbans in Class IX and above. A patka may be worn only while playing games.

  • No books (other than text books or library books ), magazines or money other than pocket money may be brought to the school without the prior permission of the Sr. Coordinator.

  • Students must observe polite standards wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul language is prohibited and punishable as per school rules.

  • Once a child has reached school he/she should not be asked to come home on half day leave or leave from any period without prior permission.

  • Whenever any parent/guardian/domestic help comes to pick up the student concerned he/she should be in possession of the Parents-I-card, failing which entry will be denied and the student will not be handed over. Once the formalities are over, a gate pass will be issued which must be deposited at the school gate.

  • Parents must collect the Report-Card on assigned days and return it to the class teacher after signature within three working days.

  • Students are not supposed to miss any teaching/games/activity period irrespective of the teacher being present in the class or not. The time table in-charge has been directed to make alternate arrangements in case a teacher is on leave.

  • Students who are selected to participate /represent the school in sports/cultural or other activities are to participate accordingly.

  • Fees can be paid by cheques/draft/cash.

  • No half day leave will be granted to any student. However, relaxation will be given only to a sick student on the days of the test/exam, wherein the child may be allowed to go home on a written request from the parents, which must be deposited with the class teacher at 8:00 am.

  • If any student traveling by bus has to go to any other place or get off at any stop other than the designated one, it must be informed in-writing to the class teacher/bus in-charge or the student will not be granted permission.

  • In case parents wish to personally take their wards along, after the school is over, they may do so only after personally informing the class teacher and bus-route in-charge and also making an entry at the main gate.

  • Parents who make independent transport arrangement for their ward by hiring vans/rickshaws etc will be fully responsible for the same. They must ensure that proper verification of drivers, rickshaw pullers is done and all safety measures taken to avoid any untoward incident.

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