All About Security on the Net


The Khaitan school, Noida organised a Webinar for its Senior School students on 12th January’2021, on Cyber Security. It was conducted by Dr.Rakshit Tandon, a Cyber Security Evangelist who has an experience of more than a decade in the Security Domain.

Mr. Tandon covered/highlighted many points during this session such as :

  • Impact of Covid on cyber crime 
  • Rate of growing cyber-crime in India
  • Kind of behaviour teenagers tend to engage in or their cyber-inappropriate behaviour. 
  • Describing various kinds of cyber bullying
  • How to verify if one’s account has been hacked 
  • The consequences of causing disturbance during online classes
  • How to protects one’s account on various domains like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.   
  • How to stay away from online frauds 
  • The legal punishment if one breaks cyber laws from being fined to jail sentences. 
  • Netiquettes one should follow during virtual meetings. 
  • The official page to register any complaints for anyone experiencing any kind of cyber related issue. 

It was a very informative and enlightening session for all the attendees, who put up many questions to Mr. Tandon during the Q and A segment.

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