Artistry and Acumen: The Khaitan School’s Conquest at Inter School Competition

In a resounding display of talent, creativity, and academic prowess, students from The Khaitan School made their mark at the recent Inter School Competition hosted by GD Goenka Indirapuram on August 4, 2023. The event saw middle school students from various institutions converging to showcase their skills and compete in a series of diverse competitions. The students from The Khaitan School not only participated but also emerged victorious, securing top positions across multiple categories.

Interschool competition at GD Goenka

The event encompassed a wide range of competitions that catered to various interests and abilities, offering a platform for students to showcase their skills beyond the confines of their classrooms. The results of The Khaitan School’s students’ efforts stand as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing all-round development and encouraging its students to pursue excellence.

Ojaswani Rauthan, a student from The Khaitan School, emerged as a shining star in the Calligraphy competition. With her deft strokes and artistic finesse, she clinched the 1st position, leaving an indelible impression on the judges. Ojaswani’s achievement not only reflects her dedication to honing her artistic skills but also highlights the school’s emphasis on fostering creativity and expression among its students.

In the On-The-Spot Painting competition, Garvita, a student from The Khaitan School, showcased her innate talent and artistic vision, securing the 3rd position. This achievement serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to encouraging its students to think on their feet, unleash their imagination, and create captivating artwork even under time constraints.

Aryan Gupta, with his exceptional prowess in the realm of technology, stood out in the Tech Connect competition, earning the 2nd position. His achievement underscores The Khaitan School’s dedication to nurturing not only creative talents but also technical skills, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the modern world.

The triumph of The Khaitan School continued beyond the confines of GD Goenka Indirapuram’s premises. In the online poetry competition “Harmony in Verse,” Arnav Kansal, a Grade 6 student, captured the hearts of the judges and secured the 1st position. His eloquent verses and emotive expressions demonstrate the school’s commitment to nurturing literary talents and providing opportunities for students to shine beyond the conventional classroom setting.


The success of The Khaitan School’s students at the Inter School Competition is a testament to the school’s unwavering dedication to fostering holistic excellence. The institution’s emphasis on academic rigor, coupled with a vibrant co-curricular and extracurricular program, ensures that students are equipped not only with knowledge but also with the skills, confidence, and creativity needed to excel in various spheres of life.

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