Ashubhasan- Unleashing the students’ spontaneity

In the month of January-February, the knowledge of ‘Ashubhashan’ was imparted in the classroom premises to students of all sections of class five under the ‘learning activities’. The main objectives of the activity was to develop word skills, speech fluency, self-confidence, etc. in the students and to inculcate love and interest in Hindi literature.

This methodology is an important part of the unit plan. It was carried out in three phases. In the first phase, every student in the classroom premises expressed their views keeping in mind the success formulas/principles. From each class, three student candidates were selected.


Twenty four student candidates who were selected in the second phase visited the library for the ‘Ashubhasan’ activity. Out of these 24 students, 12 were further selected for the final stage. They showcased their talent in the auditorium on the school premises on 20-02-2023. They expressed their opinions on the given topic with great enthusiasm and self-confidence.

In the end, three students were selected. This activity, which was carried out keeping in mind the ‘principles of success’, was a very interesting event for the students.

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