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The Masters’ Stroke

The Masters’ Stroke , An almost tangible freedom pervades in a school wherein learning is treated as an exciting journey and not an ordeal. Making learning ‘fun’ is not about doing away with all tasks, at class or home, or even eliminating the weekly, monthly or yearly assessments. It is about having all of that...
Blog Page - Exam

Dear exams,

Dear exams, Hello! I guess we’re pretty well acquainted with each other. For you are all that has been running through my head all these past 3 months. You sure are familiar to each tenth grader around. Apparently, in a frenzy of excitement, the school decided to gift us a full three-course meal of you....
Blog Page - Adults

Dear Adults,

Dear adults, I know you have had your work cut out bringing us up, pushing us onwards on the right track and pulling us back from traversing the wrong ones. You mixed in us just the right amount of goodness, with a trace of fire, a hint of mischief and made the perfect blend of...
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