Career Counseling Session for Class XII



On 24th May 2023, The Khaitan School organized a career counseling session for students of class XII, aimed at guiding them towards making informed decisions about their future paths. The session featured two esteemed speakers, Mr. Arindam Bhattacharya, the founder partner of ‘Cradle Solutions,’ and Mr. Rajesh Mishra, the founder Director of ‘Temple of Learning and Guide4 Careers.’ Together, they provided valuable insights into various career options available after completing class XII and emphasized the importance of time management and strategic preparation for entrance exams related to different streams.

Career Counselling Session for Class XII



The session began with Mr. Bhattacharya and Mr. Mishra sensitizing the students about the wide range of career options awaiting them. They highlighted trending fields such as industrial design, forensic science, computer applications, fashion technology, statistics, aviation, chemistry, mathematics, defense, animation and graphics, among others. By shedding light on these emerging fields, the speakers encouraged students to explore unconventional career paths beyond the traditional choices.


Furthermore, the speakers discussed key decision-making factors such as practicality, relevance, and employability. They stressed the significance of considering these factors when selecting a career, as they greatly influence long-term job prospects and personal satisfaction. Understanding the importance of informed decision-making, the students were guided to evaluate potential career options based on these markers.

Career Counselling Session for Class XII

In addition to the emerging career options, the session also covered details about well-established academic paths. The speakers provided insights into careers such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy, mass communication, management, law, chartered accountancy, Company Secretary, public policy management, computer applications, economics, commerce, psychology, and social sciences. By discussing both conventional and popular notions of careers, the session aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various fields.


Moreover, the speakers emphasized the importance of aligning personal interests, skills, and aptitudes with career choices. They encouraged students to explore their passions and strengths when making decisions about their future paths. The session also shed light on new-age careers, such as liberal arts, which combine multiple disciplines and offer a broader perspective on education and career development.

Career Counselling Session for Class XII

Towards the end of the session, there was an interactive segment where students had the opportunity to address their queries related to future career planning. The speakers provided valuable guidance and answered questions, easing the students’ concerns and offering clarity on their career choices. This interaction allowed students to gain personalized insights and advice based on their individual aspirations and circumstances.


The career counseling session held at The Khaitan School proved to be an enlightening experience for the students of class XII. It provided them with a broad understanding of the available career options and emphasized the importance of considering practicality, relevance, and employability when making career decisions. By encouraging students to explore emerging fields alongside established ones, the session aimed to broaden their horizons and help them make informed choices about their future paths.

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