CBSE Cluster Tennis Championships: Our Dynamic Duo Heads to Nationals

In a spectacular showcase of talent and sportsmanship, The Khaitan School’s students, Katikay Tyagi and Kunsh Achintkakkar from Class XII C, emerged victorious at the CBSE Cluster Tennis Championships 2023. The tournament, held at JBM Global School in Noida Sector 132 from November 4th to 6th, showcased an impressive display of skill and determination from schools across the region.

The sports department at The Khaitan School is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of Katikay Tyagi and Kunsh Achintkakkar, who clinched victory at the CBSE Cluster Tennis Championships. Competing in the fiercely contested tournament, the duo demonstrated not only their technical prowess but also their unwavering commitment to the sport.


Their triumph at the Cluster Tennis Championships has opened the doors to the prestigious CBSE Nationals. The talented players are now set to represent The Khaitan School at the upcoming CBSE Nationals, scheduled to take place at ASN Senior Secondary School in Mayur Vihar from November 24th to 28th, 2023. This achievement is not only a testament to their individual skills but also reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing excellence in sports.


The success of Katikay Tyagi and Kunsh Achintkakkar is a moment of pride for The Khaitan School. The sports department acknowledges their hard work, dedication, and the guidance provided by the school’s coaches, which have played a pivotal role in honing their talents. The achievement not only exemplifies the prowess of these young athletes but also showcases the school’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in sports.



While the victory is significant, it goes beyond the scoreboard. Participation in sports not only builds physical fitness but also instills values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience. The Khaitan School recognizes the holistic development that sports contribute to a student’s character, and this triumph is a shining example of the school’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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