CBSE Workshop on Vocational Skills

Principal's welcome address

Resource Person: Mr R.P. Singh 

The Joint Secretary of the dept of skill education, CBSE

Total attendees : 53

Place : The Khaitan School , Noida – Online Meet

An online  workshop  was organized on 10 June  2021 on the topic “Vocational Skills and Training”. All the middle school and a few senior school teachers were a part of the thought provoking  programme. 

The event started with the felicitation of the guest speaker. Principal, Ms Rina Singh welcomed the guest speaker most cordially and spoke about how his dynamic leadership has impacted CBSE in ways more than one. A short video revolving around Mr R.P. Singh’s stellar achievements was presented as a token of appreciation. It took Mr Singh by pleasant surprise and he pointed out how such new techniques of staging a programme, be it on or offline are in themselves a mark of our evolving selves.

Ms Luna Das steered the programme ahead by talking about how Mr Singh’s presence was sure to invigorate us. She also  acquainted everyone  with the objectives and goals of the workshop. The resource person Mr R.P. Singh reflected his profound knowledge on the topic and highlighted how important it is to perceive vocational skills with a broadened horizon of the mind.

A demonstration of the effects of pandemic on our lives and how important it has become to instill vocational education as a part of the curriculum was presented which enlightened the engrossed participants. Mr Singh ensured  with all his expertise that teachers do not settle for the average and consequently, never becoming complacent. 

He constantly reminded  everyone  that the need of the hour is playing a pivotal role in introducing and implementing many new skill based subjects such as  AI, Yoga and early childhood care and education. 

He laid emphasis on Skill component-technology and stated that life skills weigh now more than subject knowledge. He asked to explore within and then without the box, especially for vernaculars.

Now even the co-scholastic too leans heavily on technology. NEP has thus laid stress on skill development and vocational skill has come to the forefront.

He said ,’‘Will the future retain the present career options?This is where skill becomes a prerequisite.’’ He enunciated that  a  teacher’s job is to give the learner tips to face challenges.There’s a mental block created by the usage of the word ‘vocational’, so we need to approach it differently to rule out the mental block.

He suggested that teaching even things like ‘presentability’, in the area of beauty and wellness must be taken up.Skill teaching is way beyond just job readiness. It’s a means to be self reliant.

He further stated that the school atmosphere is one that’s sanitized. We have to teach students  to adapt. There shouldn’t be a dichotomy between what we do and what we teach He said that in an era in which the world of work is being rapidly transformed one thing remains clear – modern vocational training offers young people the best opportunities for a successful career.It was an interactive concourse that ignited the inquisitiveness of the participants. The informative workshop culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Sarah Khan

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