Celebrating Hindi Diwas with Flair: Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition


On the auspicious occasion of Hindi Diwas, The Khaitan School held an Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition on September 14, 2023. This event was a celebration of the rich linguistic heritage of India, and it aimed to foster a love for the Hindi language among the students. With a theme centered around ‘वीर रस’ (the heroic theme), the competition showcased the literary and artistic talents of students from each house.


One student from each house participated in the event, delivering heartfelt and passionate recitations that left the audience spellbound. The competition was not merely a test of their linguistic skills but also a display of their ability to capture the essence of bravery, valor, and heroism in their poetry recitations. The participants truly brought the ‘वीर रस’ to life through their performances.

The competition was made even more exciting with the presence of two distinguished judges from the Primary Wing, Ms. Baljeet Kaur and Ms. Rinki Grover. Both judges brought a wealth of experience in teaching and a deep understanding of Hindi literature to the panel. Their discerning eyes and keen ears ensured that the performances were assessed with utmost fairness and accuracy.


The judges were effusive in their praise for the students and their mentors, acknowledging the hard work and dedication that had gone into preparing for the competition. The teachers and mentors had played a crucial role in honing the students’ recitation skills and nurturing their understanding of the ‘वीर रस.’ Ms. Baljeet Kaur and Ms. Rinki Grover commended the students for their eloquence and the depth of emotion they conveyed through their recitations.

The event’s special guest, Ms. Pooja Singh, the Head of Middle School, added a touch of motivation and inspiration to the proceedings. In her address to the students, she highlighted the significance of celebrating Hindi Diwas and emphasized the importance of preserving our linguistic heritage. She encouraged the students to continue exploring the world of Hindi literature and to use the language as a means to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

After much anticipation, the results of the Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition were announced. The winners were as follows:

1st Place: Nilgiri House – Harshit Bansal (VIII-C) 

2nd Place: Shiwalik House – Anshuman Baghel (VII-E) 


3rd Place: Aravali and Meghalaya – Akarsh Singh (VIII-H) and Daksh Maheshwari (VIII-G)


The winners and participants were applauded and cheered by their fellow students, teachers, and parents present at the event. The competition had not only showcased their talent but also ignited a renewed passion for the Hindi language among all those in attendance.


The Inter-House Hindi Recitation Competition at The Khaitan School on Hindi Diwas was a resounding success. It celebrated the beauty and depth of the Hindi language while also instilling a sense of pride and respect for our cultural heritage. The students’ performances, the guidance of their mentors, and the encouragement from the judges and school staff came together to create a memorable event that will be cherished for years to come. Such events serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting our native languages and cultures, keeping them alive for generations to come.

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