Celebrating International Plastic-Free Day : A Step Towards a Greener Future

The Primary Wing students at The Khaitan School embarked on an inspiring journey of environmental awareness during the observance of the International Plastic Bag Free Day from 3rd July to 8th July, 2023. The school took up the responsibility of educating young minds about the perils of plastic on the environment and encouraged them to adopt eco-friendly alternatives in their daily lives.

The Junior Library, transformed into the hub of the awareness program, displayed thought-provoking posters depicting the devastating effects of plastic on our planet. The intention was to awaken a sense of responsibility in the students and instill in them a desire to contribute to a sustainable future.

Students celebrating International Plastic-Free Day






The heart of the campaign lay in the discussion sessions conducted in the library. Educators engaged the students in meaningful conversations, introducing them to the menace of plastic pollution. These discussions not only raised awareness but also encouraged the children to think critically about the choices they make and how their decisions impact the environment.


Following the library sessions, the class teachers took the baton forward during the Circle Time. They skillfully continued the conversations, ensuring that the message resonated with each and every student. Through these interactive sessions, the children were inspired to take action and make a positive difference.

Students celebrating International Plastic-Free Day





To encourage the students to embrace plastic-free alternatives, the school offered practical suggestions that could easily be incorporated into their daily routines. Some of these initiatives included switching from plastic bags to eco-friendly jute bags, opting for canvas pencil cases instead of the conventional plastic ones, and choosing bamboo toothbrushes over plastic ones.


The Book Club in Hunar, the school’s extracurricular program, played a vital role in raising awareness about the urgent need for plastic alternatives. They encouraged the students to explore articles, books, and resources that shed light on the various eco-friendly substitutes available. By providing access to such information, the school empowered the students to make informed decisions.

Students celebrating International Plastic-Free Day




Taking a holistic approach, the school also integrated the plastic pollution issue into the Environmental Studies (EVS) home assignments. These assignments were thoughtfully designed to provoke critical thinking, allowing students to ponder over the problem and come up with innovative solutions to manage plastic waste effectively.


The week-long celebration of International Plastic Bag Free Day served as a catalyst for change within the school community. The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the students and educators alike was truly remarkable. By cultivating a sense of responsibility towards the environment, the school has sowed the seeds for a greener, more sustainable future.


Furthermore, the impact of such initiatives extends far beyond the school premises. When young children are educated about the consequences of plastic pollution and encouraged to make conscious choices, they carry this knowledge with them as they grow into responsible adults. Thus, The Khaitan School’s efforts have a ripple effect that can lead to a larger, positive transformation in society.

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