Celebrating Science: A Week of Exploration and Learning

The Middle School Science department of The Khaitan School, Noida recently embarked on a week-long journey filled with exciting activities and educational trips aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for science and technology in our daily lives. The objective was clear: to instill the importance of scientific knowledge and research while encouraging students to explore the wonders of the natural world.

Science Week at TKS

Visit to Biodiversity Park, Noida

Biodiversity, the variability among living organisms and ecosystems, took center stage as students from Class VII embarked on an educational trip to Biodiversity Park in Noida. The trip, held on the 15th and 16th of February 2024, aimed to create awareness about the conservation of flora and fauna, including endangered species.


Through interactive learning activities, students witnessed firsthand the interconnectedness of different species and their dependence on a healthy environment. Guided discussions, quizzes, and hands-on observations enriched the experience, allowing students to understand the importance of biodiversity parks as living laboratories for ecological processes.

Science Week at TKS
Science Week at TKS

The learning outcomes were profound as students grasped the significance of biodiversity in buffering local weather, sequestering carbon dioxide, and mitigating urban pollutants. This excursion not only deepened their understanding but also fostered a stronger connection with the subject matter, making it an insightful and experiential learning experience.

Visit to National Science Centre, New Delhi


On the 21st and 23rd of February 2024, students from Class VI embarked on another enlightening journey, this time to the National Science Centre in New Delhi. The Science Centre served as a hub of scientific exploration, offering a myriad of exhibits covering topics ranging from Physics and Chemistry to Biology and Architecture.

Through hands-on learning experiences and interactive exhibits, students delved into various scientific concepts, from prehistoric creatures to the intricacies of cloning and music. Visual presentations of experiments and interactive displays facilitated active learning, allowing students to acquire knowledge and evaluate the benefits and limitations of science and scientific applications.

The trip also underscored the interdependence of science and technology in the development of knowledge and technological applications, leaving students with a deeper appreciation for the wonders of science.

Science Week at TKS

Activities to Foster Scientific Temperament

Back at school, classes from VI to VIII engaged in a range of activities designed to nurture scientific temperament and encourage active participation.

With the aim to acquire knowledge and to develop scientific temperament various activities were planned for classes VI to VIII 

The details of the activities are as follows: 


Date & Day




15th February 2024,Thursday

Creative Art Making, using turmeric, soap solution & Vinegar 

VII A, B, C & D 

16 th February 2024, Friday 

Creative Art Making, using turmeric, soap solution & Vinegar


28th February 2024, Wednesday 

Science Quiz on experiential learning from National Science Centre 


28th February 2024, Wednesday

JAM on latest Scientific Topics

Millets Khichdi party


Science Week at TKS

In Class VI, students participated in a Science quiz based on their learnings from the National Science Centre, reflecting on concepts and sharing their insights with peers. It was a fun-filled peer learning experience that reinforced classroom teachings.


Class VII students explored the concept of indicators through art, creating beautiful pictures using turmeric and detergent solutions. This hands-on activity allowed students to practically understand basic scientific concepts while showcasing their creativity.

Class VIII students engaged in Just a Minute (JAM) sessions on topics like the AI boom or bane, sustainable development, and the nutritional importance of millets. These sessions not only encouraged students to share their thoughts but also educated and created awareness among their peers. A Millets Khichdi party further emphasized the nutritional advantages of millets, tying in with the celebration of National Science Day.

Science Week at TKS

In conclusion, the week-long celebration of science and technology at The Khaitan School, Noida, was a resounding success, leaving students with a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and a newfound enthusiasm for exploration and discovery. Through educational trips and engaging activities, the Middle School Science department succeeded in instilling a lifelong passion for science and nurturing the scientists of tomorrow.

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