Celebration of Guru Rabindranath Tagore’s Jayanti

 “Celebrating Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti is like celebrating literature and art….

The Khaitan School recently observed a grand celebration in honor of the legendary poet, philosopher, and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. Marking the auspicious occasion of Tagore Jayanti, students from classes VIII and IX came together to pay tribute to the great Gurudev. The event encompassed various activities, including poetry recitation, insightful discussions on Tagore’s life and works, soul-stirring group songs, and mesmerizing dance performances. Under the guidance of our dedicated music, dance, Hindi, and English teachers from Meghalaya House, the event was an unforgettable experience for all.

Celebration of Guru Rabindranath Tagor'e's Jayanti- Students reciting Poems

The event commenced with students showcasing their love for poetry as they recited Tagore’s verses. The mellifluous words of Tagore echoed through the auditorium, carrying with them the essence of his profound thoughts and emotions. Students beautifully portrayed the timeless themes of love, nature, and humanism that Tagore passionately expressed through his poetry. These recitations were followed by enlightening talks on Tagore’s life and contributions, where students delved into the rich tapestry of his work, philosophy, and the impact he had on society. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm and deep appreciation our young minds had for the maestro. The celebration continued with a vibrant group song that harmoniously blended the melodious voices of the students.

Celebration of Guru Rabindranath Tagor'e's Jayanti- Students Performing

The highlight of the event was the mesmerizing dance performances. Students gracefully swayed to the rhythms of Tagore’s compositions, showcasing their dedication, discipline, and love for the arts. The choreography beautifully captured the essence of Tagore’s lyrics and brought them to life through elegant movements and expressions. The teachers from Meghalaya House, with their expertise and guidance, ensured that the performances were a befitting tribute to the visionary artist.

Celebration of Guru Rabindranath Tagor'e's Jayanti- Students Dancing

Ms. Reena Singh, our esteemed Principal, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered a heartfelt address to the students. She shed light on the greatness of Rabindranath Tagore, recounting his remarkable achievements and the deep admiration he garnered from all who knew him. Ms. Singh emphasized the relevance of Tagore’s teachings in today’s world, urging the students to embrace his ideals of universalism, harmony, and creative expression. Her words inspired the students to explore Tagore’s literary and artistic legacy, igniting a desire to imbibe his wisdom in their own lives.


The celebration of Rabindranath Tagore’s Jayanti at The Khaitan School was a true testament to the enduring legacy of this literary giant. Through poetry recitations, informative talks, group songs, and captivating dance performances, the students paid homage to Tagore’s multifaceted genius. By celebrating Tagore’s Jayanti, The Khaitan School reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a deep appreciation for art, culture, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Celebration of Guru Rabindranath Tagor'e's Jayanti- Principal's Message

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