Celebration of World Dance Day at The Khaitan School

The Khaitan School recently celebrated dance week for preparation for World Dance Day with a special focus on the classical dance form Bharatanatyam in the senior wing. The week kicked off on April 25th with a Bharatanatyam workshop for the senior wing, led by student Sakshi Uboeri under the guidance of Manju Wazir, the Dance teacher and Head of Performing Arts. The workshop was a hit, with 32 students participating and running until April 27th. On the 28th, a video of the workshop was shown in classrooms, which was prepared by Manju Wazir.

World Dance Day Celebration at TKS

In addition to the Bharatanatyam workshop, a Kathak workshop was conducted by Manju Wazir for the Middle Wing on April 27th. On April 28th, the Middle Wing hosted an Inter House competition for both Western and Indian classical dance, with Prateek Roy and Manju Wazir serving as teacher in-charges.

World Dance Day Preparation at TKS

The Junior Wing also got in on the action with a brief documentary video showcasing different dance forms worldwide, which was shown in classrooms on April 28th. This video was also prepared by Manju Wazir. Overall, the Khaitan School’s dance week was a great success, showcasing a diverse range of dance forms and engaging students of all ages in the joys of movement and performance.

World Dance Week Celebration at TKS

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