Celebration of World Music Day By Classes 1 & 2


On February 25, 2023, the tiny tots of  grades I and II at The Khaitan School celebrated World Music Day to showcase their musical progress throughout the session.  The reciting of the hymn (Sangachhadwam) and the lighting of the lamps signaled the beginning of the programme in auspicious fashion, uplifting the audience’s spirits and bringing them peace and joy.


The primary wing’s little gems sang the song Sa Re Ga Ma as part of their celebration of the illustrious tradition of World Music Day, which also featured a superb fusion of Indian and Western Sargam. To appeal to the audience’s wide range of musical tastes and interests, the programme included a variety of musical genres.

Indian and western duet and group music, including funk songs and fusion medleys, were included in the diverse collection. Aao Hum Sab’s captivating performance captivated the crowd with its mellow and beautiful tune and motivational lyrics.

The young children’s vibrant and energizing dance performances in the songs Birdie dance and Funk action provided a spark of life and fire to the presentation. Without the Grand Finale Aam ke Aam, which was beautiful and earned a thunderous round of applause from the parents, the lyrical trip would have been lacking.

The principal, Mrs. Rina Singh, and the HOJS, Mrs. Seema Khurana, gave a thank-you speech at the end of the programme. The concert was a huge success because to the students’ consistent practise under the direction of the Primary wing music teachers.


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