Class 1 Assembly: Exploring ‘What is on My Plate?’










The Khaitan School witnessed a vibrant and dynamic event on 20th July, 2023, as the students of Class 1E conducted an assembly on the integrated theme – ‘What is on My Plate?’ The assembly, held in the school’s amphitheater, not only provided the young learners with a platform to showcase their talents but also served as a valuable opportunity to reflect on their classroom learnings. The audience consisted of their fellow students from classes IA, IB, and IH, along with the gracious presence of the Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Monika Kumar, who encouraged and appreciated the participants for their creative endeavors.

Offering prayer to the almighty!







The primary learning objectives of the assembly were to encourage students to explore and exhibit their unique talents, while also consolidating their understanding of various subjects in a creative manner. The carefully planned performances aimed to enable the students to recite poems with proper stress and pronunciation, explore the world of numbers through Aakar-Parivar and bead stringing, and become acquainted with various aspects of mangoes, ranging from their shapes and uses to the varieties of dishes made from them.


The assembly commenced with the lively comparers welcoming everyone to the event, setting the tone for what was to follow. The first performance was a group of Class 1E students singing the prayer “Sangachadwam Samvadadwam,” which set a positive and spiritual ambiance for the event.

Recitation and enactement-journey of seed






Following the prayer, four students from the same class took the stage to demonstrate yoga asanas – Vajrasana and Balasana. Along with their performance, they also explained the importance of practicing these asanas for physical and mental well-being. This segment not only displayed the students’ physical abilities but also underscored the significance of health and fitness in their lives.


The next performance was a delightful recitation and enactment of the poem titled ‘The Little Plant.’ Through this poetic presentation, the students beautifully illustrated the process of a seed transforming into a full-grown plant. The clarity and confidence with which they conveyed the scientific concept left the audience deeply impressed, and their efforts were met with rounds of enthusiastic applause.

A necklace for the doll!






The assembly continued with another engaging group presentation, where students showcased their mathematical skills. Using manipulatives and objects that they commonly use during their Math class, they demonstrated the process of counting numbers and identifying shapes. This demonstration of quantification in a context relevant to their interests made the subject of mathematics enjoyable and accessible to all.

Describing mango varieties


The finale of the assembly was centered around the ongoing Mango Festival, wherein a group of students shared their experiences and learnings from the week-long celebration. The children enthusiastically took turns to talk about different varieties of mangoes, their experiences of making mango crafts and Torans using mango leaves, meeting with the school gardener, engaging in mango-themed math activities, preparing mango yogurt during cookery class, observing and tasting various mango dishes, and even depicting real-life objects using mangoes in their artwork. The comprehensive display of the mango-related activities they had participated in highlighted the school’s dedication to providing holistic learning experiences to its students.


After the performances, the class teacher took the stage to discuss the entire planning and preparation process behind the assembly. This behind-the-scenes glimpse gave the audience valuable insights into the hard work and coordination involved in organizing such an event.

Hosting the show with enhusiasm!

To further engage the students in the audience, a question and answer round was conducted, allowing them to participate actively and deepen their understanding of the topics covered during the assembly.

As the assembly drew to a close, the entire gathering stood together to sing the national anthem, fostering a sense of unity and patriotism among the young learners.


The Class 1 Assembly held at The Khaitan School on the theme ‘What is on My Plate?’ was undeniably a memorable experience for all involved. The event showcased the students’ talents, creativity, and enthusiasm, while also reinforcing their classroom learnings in an enjoyable and meaningful manner. With the guidance and support of the school’s dedicated educators, the young learners of Class 1E succeeded in creating a truly remarkable and inspiring assembly that will be cherished by everyone present for years to come.

Showcasing Vajrasana

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