Class 2C Assembly Around The Theme ‘My larger family and My Neighbours’


On May 16th, 2023, the students of Class 2 C organized a spirited class assembly with the theme “My Larger Family and My Neighbours.” The assembly took place at the A Block Amphitheatre, with the Head of Junior School (HOJS), teachers, and students from sections E and F of Class 2 as the audience.


The assembly aimed to achieve several learning objectives, including providing students with an opportunity to enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. It also aimed to foster a positive environment of peer interaction and teamwork among the students, while allowing them to showcase their unique skills and talents. Additionally, the assembly encouraged students to reflect on their classroom learning and apply it in a practical setting.

Class 2C Assembly at TKS


The assembly commenced with the morning prayer, where the comperes warmly welcomed the audience and invited the class choir to lead the prayer. Following the prayer, a thought of the day related to the theme of the month was shared, inspiring contemplation among the attendees.


Highlighting the importance of yoga in maintaining a healthy mind and body, some students performed various yoga asanas, including the Tree pose, Tadasana, Warrior 2 pose, Lotus pose, and Mountain pose. One student also spoke about the benefits of these poses, emphasizing their significance.

Class 2C Assembly at TKS

The assembly proceeded with students reflecting on their learning from the previous cycle in different academic and co-curricular subjects. The students of Class 2 C shared their insights, showcasing their understanding and progress in various areas of study.


In the Hindi segment, an interactive game called “Vachan Badlo” was played, engaging the audience and promoting active participation. The students showcased their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Hindi language.

Class 2C Assembly at TKS

To exhibit their command of the English language, some students recited the poem “My Neighbour’s Dog is Purple” by Jack Prelutsky, employing correct voice modulation and expression, captivating the audience with their performance.


The assembly also incorporated mathematics, where an interactive game called “Ganitmala – Clip Activity 2” was played. This activity allowed students to reflect on their mathematical learning and apply their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Class 2C Assembly at TKS

The students joyfully sang “Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya,” a timeless melody that pays homage to the first animation made in India in 1974. The song conveyed the message of “Respecting Diversity,” aligning with the theme of the month and instilling important values in the students.


Adding music and amusement to the assembly, students melodiously sang the song “This Little Guiding Light of Mine” while incorporating actions, spreading cheer and positivity throughout the gathering.

Class 2C Assembly at TKS

The multitalented students of Class 2 C concluded the assembly with an impressive display of their Taekwondo moves, showcasing their fitness and self-defense skills.

The class assembly provided a valuable learning experience for the students as they performed in front of their peers from sections E and F of Class 2. The event concluded with a rendition of the National Anthem, leaving the audience feeling refreshed and invigorated for the day ahead. The students, filled with a sense of accomplishment, appreciated the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills, making the assembly a resounding success.

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