Class 3B Assembly: A Showcase of Talents and Confidence










On the bright morning of 20th July 2023, the amphi-theatre at The Khaitan School was abuzz with excitement as the students of class 3B eagerly prepared to display their extraordinary talents at the assembly. The much-anticipated event promised a wonderful showcase of skills, enthusiasm, and confidence.


The assembly commenced with a serene morning prayer, setting the tone for the day. This was followed by the “Thought of the Day” segment, where a student shared a beautiful quote related to “Resilience.” This thoughtful nugget of wisdom encouraged everyone present to face challenges with determination and strength.

Humse Sab Kehte-Hindi poem







Next in line was the news segment, where two students confidently presented the latest happenings from around the world. Their articulate delivery impressed everyone in the audience and showcased their awareness of current events.


Yoga, an essential part of the school’s curriculum, was then displayed by some of the students. With grace and flexibility, they demonstrated various yoga poses and also enlightened the audience about the benefits of each pose. This not only highlighted their physical abilities but also underscored the significance of mindfulness and well-being.

Thought of the day






The artistic flair of the young students came alive during the poem recitation in Hindi. Four students recited a beautiful poem titled “Humse Sab Kehte,” and they ingeniously incorporated props that complemented the verses. The audience was mesmerized by the expressive performance and applauded the efforts put in by the young poets.


The English play “Grandfather” was the highlight of the assembly. The students, dressed impeccably in their roles, enacted the play with utmost enthusiasm. Through their performance, they not only entertained the audience but also imbibed valuable lessons from the storyline. This experience enabled the students to understand the essence of storytelling and instilled in them a love for dramatic arts.

Play Time






The culmination of the assembly was marked by the energetic “Rapid Fire Round.” Students from other classes were invited to participate and answer questions related to both scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The excitement in the air was palpable as the participants showcased their knowledge, proving that learning at The Khaitan School goes beyond textbooks.


As the last activity concluded, the entire gathering rose together to proudly sing the “National Anthem.” The feeling of unity and patriotism filled the air, leaving everyone with a sense of pride and reverence.

The comparers


The class 3B assembly at The Khaitan School was not just a platform to showcase talents, but also a transformative experience for the young students. Each child had the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone and confidently present their abilities. The event not only nurtured their creative skills but also instilled in them the importance of teamwork, discipline, and effective communication.


Parents, teachers, and fellow students were equally impressed by the talents on display and appreciated the efforts made by each child. The assembly served as a reminder that every student possesses unique talents and with the right platform and encouragement, they can blossom into confident individuals.

The game round- Rapid Fire


The principal and teachers beamed with pride as they witnessed the success of the assembly, knowing that they had played a vital role in shaping the students’ confidence and self-expression. The class 3B assembly at The Khaitan School will be remembered as a memorable and transformative event, inspiring the young minds to continue exploring and honing their talents in the years to come.


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