Class 4B Celebrates Learning and Skills Through Enthusiastic Class Assembly

The students of Class IV-B at The Khaitan School had a wonderful opportunity to showcase their understanding of various skills and concepts through a vibrant and engaging class assembly. The event, held on 24th July, 2023, was filled with enthusiasm and active participation from every student of Class IV-B. The assembly took place at the A Block Amphitheater, where teachers and students from other classes eagerly gathered to witness the students’ creative talents on display.

Class 4B Assembly

The class assembly began on a solemn note with a short prayer, “Sangachadwam,” which the students had learned in their music lessons. This spiritual opening set the tone for the rest of the program, promoting a sense of unity and cooperation among the young learners. Two students took up the roles of anchors, skillfully guiding the audience through the various segments of the assembly.


The first presentation was an English play that revolved around the degrees of adjectives. Through a heartwarming story, the play conveyed the powerful message that true happiness does not depend on material possessions or physical appearance. The students performed with confidence and clarity, leaving the audience with a valuable life lesson.

Class 4B Assembly

Next in line was a Hindi poem titled “Man ke bhole bhale baadal,” a delightful and expressive performance that showcased the linguistic abilities of the students. The poem’s rhythmic flow and emotive delivery captivated everyone’s hearts and highlighted the cultural diversity of the class.


The students further impressed the spectators with their ingenious play on the concept of angles. By dramatizing a birthday party and employing “jodo straws” to explain angles, the young actors effortlessly combined entertainment with education. This interactive approach helped solidify the understanding of angles while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

Class 4B Assembly

Science took center stage in the last segment of the assembly. Two students explained the intriguing topic of volcanoes and their eruptions, drawing upon their knowledge gained during EVS (Environmental Studies) lessons. With well-prepared visuals and explanations, they provided a fascinating insight into the workings of these natural phenomena.


The class assembly culminated on a patriotic note, with all the students joining together to sing the National Anthem. This display of unity and respect for the nation was a fitting way to end the event.

Class 4B Assembly

Ms. Seema Khurana, the Head of Junior School, attended the assembly and interacted with the students. She lauded their efforts and praised their participation, acknowledging their hard work in putting together an impressive showcase of their learning.


Apart from boosting their confidence and communication skills, the class assembly offered numerous other benefits to the young learners. It served as an excellent platform for them to revisit and reinforce the concepts they had learned in different subjects. By explaining the process and sequence of their learning, the students displayed a deeper understanding of the topics covered in their classrooms.

Class 4B Assembly


The assembly also emphasized the significance of teamwork and perseverance. The students collaborated and supported each other throughout the preparation, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among them. The consistent hard work put in by the students and their teachers resulted in a memorable and educational experience for all.

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