Class Assembly 1A with the theme “My Family & My School”

On April 26, 2023, the students of Class IA organized an assembly at the A Block Amphitheatre, with the Coordinator of Class I and 2 and the students of Classes IB, IC and ID in attendance. The assembly aimed to achieve the following learning objectives:


  • Providing a platform for the students to hone their public speaking and presentation skills.

  • Encouraging a positive peer interaction and teamwork among the students.

  • Providing an opportunity for the students to showcase their respective skills and talents.

  • Encouraging students to reflect on their classroom learning.

The assembly began with a morning prayer, followed by the students reflecting on their learning in different scholastic and co-scholastic subjects from the last cycle. The students also presented a project on different types of families and the importance of families.

The students recited a poem in English titled “Things I can do,” showcasing their skills in correct pronunciation, voice modulation and expression. They also shared their learning on transcription of upper and lower-case letters in English. In Hindi, the students shared the importance of letters and their sounds in making our lives easier.


The students portrayed themselves as toy makers from ‘The Khaitan School Toy Shop’ and showcased toys they had made using Jodo blocks in Math class. In cooking class, they shared the recipe for ‘Nimboo Pani.’ The students also showcased their Taekwondo moves, including the middle punch, and yoga poses such as Tadasana, Vrikshasana, and Vajrasana.

The assembly concluded with a Q/A session where the audience asked questions like “Why do we do yoga?” The participants confidently responded to the questions, which further increased their confidence. The assembly ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

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