Class Assembly 1C Around The Theme ‘My Family and My School’

On 15th May 2023, the students of Class I C organized an assembly under the theme ‘My Family and My School.’ The assembly took place in the Amphi-Theatre, offering the students an opportunity to gain stage experience. Ms. Monika Kumar, the Coordinator of Class I and II, along with the students from Classes IA, IB, and IH, attended the assembly as the audience, creating a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere. The teachers and students were supportive and engaged throughout the event.

Class 1C Assembly


  1. The assembly aimed to achieve the following learning objectives:

    1. Providing a platform for students to explore and showcase their talents.

    2. Increasing awareness among students regarding the importance of family.

    3. Ensuring every child in the class has an opportunity to participate and support their peers.

    4. Helping students overcome stage fear and anxieties related to public speaking.


  1. The planning and implementation of the assembly proceeded as follows:

    1. Comperes: Two comperes warmly welcomed the guests and efficiently hosted the class assembly. They introduced the theme and smoothly conducted the entire assembly in a well-structured sequence.

    2. Prayer and Thought: The assembly commenced with a morning prayer, seeking blessings from the Almighty, followed by a thought of the day aligned with the theme.

    3. Importance of Family: A student presented key points highlighting the significance of family love and care. This presentation aimed to enhance students’ knowledge and motivate them to embrace similar values.

    4. Poem Recitation: Students recited poems they had learned in class, including ‘Things I Can Do’ and ‘Mera School.’ They showcased fluency, correct pronunciation, and expressive delivery.

    5. Group Song: The students performed the song ‘Ek Chidiya’ that they had learned in their Indian music class.

    6. Fitness Regime: Students demonstrated yoga asanas they had learned in their yoga class and encouraged their friends to engage in daily yoga practice.

    7. Class Learning: Students shared their academic and non-academic learnings, covering subjects such as cooking, gardening, mathematics, English, and project lessons.

    8. Question-Answer Round: The class teacher provided a brief overview of the assembly’s planning, followed by a question-and-answer session where students from the audience could ask questions to the performing students.


The assembly concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. Hosting the assembly proved to be a memorable experience for the students of Class I C, allowing them to showcase their talents and create a positive learning environment.

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