Class Assembly 2F : Fostering Learning and Talent through Construction Theme

The young and enthusiastic students of Class II F at The Khaitan School organized an unforgettable Class Assembly on 31 July 2023, showcasing their creativity, confidence, and talent. The event took place at the A Block Amphitheatre and was graced by the presence of not only the Class II F students but also their peers from Class II Sections A and H. The assembly served various valuable objectives, including relating to the theme of Construction, reflecting on classroom learning in real-life situations, honing planning and coordination skills, fostering attributes like discipline and teamwork, and providing students with a platform to develop their public speaking and presentation skills.

Class Assembly 2F

The assembly was beautifully hosted by two confident and articulate comperes, Vedika and Advit. It began with a warm welcome note and an introduction to the theme of Construction, setting the tone for the rest of the event.


Morning Prayer and Thought of the Day: The assembly commenced on a spiritual note with the soulful rendition of the school prayer ‘Sangawachan’ led by the choir, with all students joining in the praise of the Almighty. Following this, Aditi and Sparsh shared thoughtful and inspiring quotes in Hindi and English as part of the “Thought of the Day” segment, encouraging their fellow students to start the day with positivity and enthusiasm.

Class Assembly 2F


News Headlines and Yoga: Keeping the audience updated and informed, Vanika Sharma presented the news headlines, showcasing the students’ awareness of current events and news. Subsequently, the importance of physical and mental well-being was emphasized through a Yoga demonstration led by Kriday and his team. They showcased various Yoga asanas, encouraging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Patriotic Tribute and Hindi Story Enactment: Patriotism was brimming in the air as the students unitedly sang ‘Saare Jahaan Se Acchha,’ paying homage to their beloved nation. The performance was not only melodious but also visually captivating, with a tricolour origami windmill crafted by the students adding an artistic touch to the patriotic ode.

Class Assembly 2F

Next, the audience was treated to a delightful Hindi story enactment titled ‘Bhalu Ne Kheli Football,’ a hilarious drama from their Hindi textbook. The students donned different character costumes and brought the story to life with their enthusiastic performances, leaving everyone amused and delighted.


English Poetry Recitation and General Awareness Quiz: The students showcased their linguistic prowess by reciting the poem ‘Somersaults’ by Jack Prelutsky in flawless English. Their apt expressions and voice modulation added depth to the recital, captivating the audience.

Atharv Pandey, with his vibrant energy, conducted an interactive General Awareness Quiz on the topic ‘How Do We Move.’ The quiz tested the students’ knowledge of human body parts and their functions, encouraging active participation and learning in a fun manner.

Patriotic Dance Medley and National Anthem: The grand finale of the assembly was a stunning Patriotic Dance Medley, where the students, dressed in tricolour attire, danced with immense enthusiasm and passion. The synchronized dance moves and vibrant performances won the hearts of everyone present.


The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem, instilling a sense of unity and pride in the hearts of all attendees.

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