Class Assembly 3H – Imagination is the beginning of creation

On March 1, 2023, all students in the sections of class 3 were active spectators in the 3H class assembly, which was held at the amphitheatre.


All of the students were prepared, and they all had the chance to take the stage and perform to the best of their abilities. They demonstrated their skills and comprehension of each and every concept they had learned in their academic and extracurricular lessons.

The meeting opened with a motivational quote, which was followed by the prayer “Sanghchadwam,” which emphasized the need of cooperating with one another. Then came the day’s Thought, which was about success and persistent hard work. Ishita Gupta, the news reader, delivered the day’s news. 


Following the melodious group’s lovely performance of “Dekho Basant Aya,” the kids led a power packed yoga session that let the audience grasp the advantages of the asanas. Before moving on to the last section, the student performed a great English poem called “Jolly Old Saint Nicolas” using specially made props.

The Hindi drama “Saanp ne Kaata,” which was presented so wonderfully and also taught us to be aware and not be duped by the cunning individuals, was the next performance, and the students were eagerly looking forward to it.


Towards the conclusion of the assembly, the children engaged the audience by asking quick questions and informing them of some remarkable facts. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.

Ms. Seema Khurana, the head of the junior school, addressed the group and provided feedback on the areas that needed improvement. The students participated in the assembly with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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