Class Assembly 4A Around The Theme ‘My School’


On 12th May 2023, the Assembly of Class IVA, centered around the theme “My School,” took place at the A Block Amphitheatre. The event was attended by the Coordinator of Class III TO V and the students of Class IV from all sections.

Morning prayer in class assembly 4A at TKS


The assembly aimed to achieve the following learning objectives:


  1. Enhancing students’ public speaking and presentation skills.

  2. Fostering a positive environment for peer interaction and teamwork.

  3. Providing a platform for students to showcase their skills and talents.

  4. Encouraging students to reflect on their classroom learnings.

Class assembly 4A at TKS around the theme My School

The assembly proceeded as follows:


  1. Morning Prayer: The assembly began with the comperes welcoming the audience and inviting the class choir to lead the prayer.

  2. Classroom Learning Reflection: Students shared their insights and learnings from various scholastic and co-scholastic subjects.

  3. News Presentation: Two students delivered a presentation on current news topics.

  4. Project: A student shared fascinating facts as part of a project.

  5. English Segment:

    • “Things I Can Do” (Poem): Students confidently recited a poem, focusing on correct pronunciation, voice modulation, and expression.

    • Transcription: A student explained the transcription of uppercase and lowercase letters.

  6. Hindi Segment:

    • Poem Performance (“Nav Banao, Nav Banao”): Students sang a poem highlighting the significance of water, unity, and childhood activities.

  7. The assembly concluded with a Q&A session, where students from the audience asked questions such as, “Why do we sing the poem?” and “Who is the author of this poem?” Participants answered these questions, boosting their confidence levels.

  8. Ms. Seema Khurana, the Head of Junior Section (HOJS), appreciated the participants’ performances and provided feedback for improvement. The assembly ended with the singing of the National Anthem.

Class assembly 4A at TKS around the theme My School
Class assembly 4A at TKS around the theme My School

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