Class VA Assembly: A Showcase of Talent and Leadership







On Thursday, the 6th of July, 2023, the assembly of Class VA took place in the school’s amphitheater.


With great zeal and enthusiasm, the students of Class VA embarked on their journey to execute a well-planned assembly. They worked together as a team, displaying unity and cooperation, to ensure the smooth flow of the event. The assembly commenced with a soulful prayer, seeking blessings and expressing gratitude to the Almighty for the opportunities bestowed upon them.





One of the highlights of the assembly was the students’ impressive demonstration of their mathematical prowess, particularly their understanding of fractions. Through various engaging activities, they captivated the audience, showcasing their proficiency in this fundamental aspect of mathematics. The practical application of their knowledge left everyone in awe and highlighted the school’s commitment to fostering a strong academic foundation.




Following the mathematical extravaganza, a debate on the topic of “Slums in the Cities” took center stage. The budding young orators, divided into two teams, passionately presented their arguments both in favor of and against the motion. Their eloquence and depth of thought were commendable, reflecting the school’s dedication to nurturing effective communicators and critical thinkers. The debate not only enhanced their persuasive skills but also encouraged them to develop empathy and a broader understanding of social issues.




To celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and the upcoming Olympic Games, the students shared fascinating facts about this global event. The assembly hall buzzed with excitement as the audience learned about the history, significance, and various sporting disciplines associated with the Olympics. An interactive quiz further engaged the attendees, encouraging their active participation and igniting a sense of curiosity and friendly competition.

The cultural segment of the assembly paid homage to the rich heritage of our country. The students showcased their linguistic skills by reciting a beautiful Hindi poem, captivating the audience with its lyrical beauty and evocative imagery. Moreover, they gracefully performed an Indian classical dance, a testament to their dedication and the guidance provided by their teachers. The fusion of poetry and dance not only celebrated our cultural diversity but also demonstrated the students’ commitment to preserving and promoting our traditions.

The assembly was not just a one-way interaction; the audience actively participated by sharing their reflections and observations. This inclusive approach encouraged the students to engage with their peers and mentors, fostering a sense of belonging and community within the school.

The climax of the assembly came with an address by the Head of the Junior School, Mrs. Seema Khurana. She commended the students for their outstanding efforts, acknowledging their hard work, dedication, and exemplary performances. Mrs. Khurana emphasized the importance of such platforms in nurturing leadership skills and building self-confidence. Her words of encouragement further motivated the students to strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

As the assembly drew to a close, the students unitedly rendered the national anthem, filling the amphitheater with patriotic fervor.

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