Class XII Trip to Botanix Nature and Adventure park

11Students and teachers after an enjoyable day at Botanix Resort

A day trip was organised for Class XII students to Botanix Nature and Adventure park Sohna Road, Gurugram. There were 62 students accompanied by Ms Priyanka Nagi, Ms Reena Kumar , Ms Bindu Gupta, Ms Tanu chabra ,Mr SK Saxena and Mr Akshay Behl who left the school premises at 6.30 AM. The Botanix Park with lush green gardens and plenty of green coverage offered exciting adventure activities like Burma bridge, Net climbing and various other activities which children lapped up with much zeal and excitement. The bullock cart ride and the camel ride were an enjoyable experience for students and teachers alike! The potter’s wheel also drew a lot of attention and all were mesmerised by the expertise with which the potter moulded the clay. The sumptuous breakfast, lunch and high tea offered by the resort kept the children full, happy and energetic enough to overcome the soaring temperatures. The children had an invigorating experience and felt the happy memories created will help them sail through the rigours of academics that awaits them, prior to their board examination.

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