Clubs for Middle School Students

Students of classes VI-VIII can participate in any one of the clubs from the following and show active participation, guided by coaches and professionals

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Deus ExMachina (D.E.M) or “God of Machines” is the I.T Club for students who love all things tech. Members of DEM participate enthusiastically and bring laurels in inter-house and inter-school competitions. DEM also organizes and hosts TKS Annual Computer Fest – Unplugged, wherein the student members invite all leading Delhi NCR schools to compete with each other and test their skills in programing, gaming, quiz, website designing etc.

Robotics Club

Robotics and Engineer Club helps passionate students hone their creative thinking incombination with curriculum-based learning and free play. The club focuses on the basic aspects of ‘engineering’ like mechanics, electronics, assembling, interfacing sensors with microcontroller and programming. Trial & Error methodology is adopted by this club to encourage learning by doing under the guidance of skilled teachers.

Photography and Movie making Club

Photography and Moviemaking are the latest interests thanks to easy access to smartphones and DSLRs. The club, in association with IIP Foundation encourages the students to further polish their photography and movie making skills. There are 20 sessions conducted by experts to provide a professional outlook and guidance to the club members.

Mindbenders (Quiz Club)

The quiz club does exactly what it sounds like – help the students keep updated with current affairs and develop the inquisitive side of brain. The club hosts regular quizzing sessions on myriad topics apart from competing in inter-school competitions.

Astronomy Club

In association with the SPACE agency, Astronomy Club helps hone scientific temper in students who love everything universe and celestial. Club members have the opportunity to participate and organize various national and international level projects, competitions and events like, Observation of the transit of Venus, supermoon, eclipses and measuring the circumference of the Earth.

Aeromodelling Club

Aeromodelling Club focusses on hands-on experience for building aero models, water-based models, rockets etc. It helps students to understand the practical dynamics of the theory and research they study about.


As the name suggests, the club focusses on helping members polish their culinary skills. However, wellness and health remain the core of all activities at the club so that children can learn to live mindfully, right from the beginning. The club hosts ‘Food Court’, an exhibition of healthy food and snacks by our young chefs.

Literary Club

For the literature and language lovers, the Literary Club helps them connect to their community and chisel their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. He club is best for getting over stage-fright, develop public speaking skills with all its nuances of diction, tone and pronunciation.

Opinionators (Debating/MUN CLUB)

The MUN Club i.e. Model United Nations is a miniature model of the functioning and structure of United Nations Organizations. The club aims to nurture leadership skills for the young changemakers of our world. It also helps students listen to and form opinions on global matters.

TED Talk Club

In TED Talk Club students discover, explore and present their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. It helps them nurture their communication and public speaking skills.

Rock Band

TKS Rock Band is a decorated club with several laurels in inter-school rock band competitions. Four Western Music Studios for Vocal and Instrumental Music practice have been provided keeping pace with contemporary times and global outlook.

Music Made Visible (Dance Club)

Indian and Western Dance Club, Music Made Visible helps its members to polish their dancing skills. Body movements, rhythm and flexibility are at the core of learning, taught by professionally qualified dance teachers.

Creative Crew (Art and Sculpture)

On a kaleidoscopic spree! – Art Club takes on more than just painting and drawing at TKS. Children explore their freedom of expression through pottery, clay modeling, sculpting as well. Professionally guided classes enthuse children to explore their creativity and powers of expression, enjoy teamwork and peer interaction.

Dharohar (Heritage/ Itihaas Club)

As the name suggests, Dharohar Club helps students stay connected to their roots, value their heritage and take pride in their rich cultural values, traditions and rituals. The club inculcates discipline, time management, thoughtfulness while developing inquisitiveness about the history & past of everything e.g., Etymology, Anthropology, Paleoanthropology etc.

Eco Warriors (Sustainable Development Club) - Environment Club & Waste Management:

Sowing the seeds of life Sowing The Seeds Of Life, in tune with the school’s commitment to Save our Universe, forms the Eco Warriors Club, where students are made aware of burning issues and focus on multiple projects on pollution, energy conservation, protection of natural resources, water harvesting, plantation of trees and herbal plants etc. The main activities of the club are

  • Group Discussions on global matters of climate change
  • Recycling waste matter
  • Poster Making for Awareness
  • Vermicomposting (Garbhyog Club)
  • Tree Plantation Drive
  • Environment Quiz
  • Skits on Environment issues
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