Community Outreach Service

Through the successful experience of distributing the blankets at an Old Age Home in Dhankaur, Greater Noida, we sought our students’ attention towards Social Outreach Programme with the intention of protecting the most geriatric and poverty-stricken communities from the impact of the pandemic. Our aim was to reduce distress and despair in the lives of these communities and in the process, imbibe the spirits of love and compassion in our students.

On 3rd August 2021, HOSS, Mr Sajeev Philip, the Social Outreach Incharge and, Mrs Bindu Gupta along with some students of class VIII (Parnika, Anjali, Ayn, Ushnik and Arnav) visited the following organisations. Dry groceries, masks, diapers, stationery items, fruits, chocolates and biscuits were distributed to the resident children, as a gesture of respect and consideration for our fellow beings in distress.

1. Seva Group Foundation (Emmanuel Educational Social Welfare & Charitable Trust)- This Foundation has been actively providing food and shelter to vulnerable children and orphans for the past 20 years. During the present challenging times, we extended our help in maintaining the stocks of their replenishing ration supply to nurture 40 children under their care.

2. Garonda Bal Grah (Shishu), Govindpuram, Ghaziabad- This organisation is run under the aegis of Bharatpuria Shiksha Samiti. It looks after about 20 destitute orphans of ages 5 months to 10 years.

This project was undertaken with utmost humility. Our students realised the importance of sharing and caring, especially with regards to the less privileged sections of the society.

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