Complimentary Workshops & Career guidance sessions by UPES & Pearl Academy

Ms. Vandana Datta (HOD Arts, PGT) and Ms. Neha Dutt (PGT Physiology), along with a team of 22 teachers from Delhi and NCR, recently visited UPES University in Dehradun to explore academic options for school children.

UPES University Dehradun


During the visit, the team interacted with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and toured various departments including computer science, liberal arts, engineering, law, design, and digital media. The team was impressed by the university’s top-notch infrastructure and high-quality education.

teachers at UPES University

The Vice Chancellor’s statement that every individual possesses boundless potential left a lasting impression on the team. This emphasized the significance of recognizing each person’s unique talents and abilities.

Teachers attending the workshop

Overall, the visit to UPES University was a fantastic experience for the team of teachers. It provided them with valuable insights into academic options for school children and underscored the importance of recognizing individual potential. The visit was also a step towards creating a stronger academic community and fostering partnerships between schools and universities.

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