Crafting Change: TKS Ignites Support for Local Artisans in ‘Vocal for Local’ Event








On the 31st of October, 2023, The Khaitan School (TKS) orchestrated an extraordinary event named “Vocal for Local,” with the intent to cultivate an appreciation for local artisans and their craftsmanship among its youngest students. Aligned with the broader ambition of contributing to the resurgence of the Indian economy, this initiative sought to promote and endorse the use of locally made products.



The event was a distinctive experience for the young learners, serving not only as an educational platform on the significance of supporting local artisans but also as a hands-on opportunity to witness and value the skill of traditional potters. These artisans, whose expertise has been transmitted through generations, shared their artistic talents with the students through their adept use of the potter’s wheel.

Bringing the natures beauty in our everyday life


Throughout the event, the students were able to observe the potters as they deftly shaped clay into beautiful diyas, traditional Indian clay lamps. Witnessing the metamorphosis of formless clay into intricate designs fascinated the students and shed light on the creativity and dedication required in crafting these items. The interaction between the students and the potters was engaging, with thoughtful inquiries about the potter’s wheel, the tools used, and comparisons between traditional and modern equipment.

Encouraging the use of local products made in India


In an effort to further instill support for local artisans, the students were given the chance to purchase the earthen diyas crafted by the potters. This not only enabled the children to take home a piece of the event but also enhanced their understanding of the “Vocal for Local” initiative. The concept was to illuminate their homes with these diyas, spreading the message of supporting local products and upholding traditional crafts.




A significant aspect of the event was the active involvement of the student council members. Their adept management of the event was apparent in the way they manned the stalls and assisted their younger peers in purchasing the local products. Their enthusiasm and commitment added a layer of inspiration, reflecting the importance of the cause and emphasizing the role of the younger generation in sustaining traditional craftsmanship.

Q/A session with Potter to understand the skills!


The “Vocal for Local” event at TKS stands as a testament to the power of education in nurturing appreciation for indigenous artisans and their crafts among the younger populace. It not only served as an educational experience but also as a catalyst for instilling a sense of responsibility and support for local economies. By empowering the students to embrace and advocate for local products, events like these pave the way for a more sustainable and culturally enriched future.

Observing the skill of making earthen Diyas
Encouraging the use of local products made in India
Happy after supporting Vocal for Local!

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