Our curriculum is divided into the four broad programs of Pre-Primary (ages 3 to 4), Primary (ages 5 to 9), Middle (ages 10 to 12) and Senior (ages 13 to 16). The cornerstones of our curriculum rests on the principles of:

  1. lifelong learning
  2. community contributions
  3. research and inquiry
  4. relationships based on care, respect and responsibility.

To achieve our mission, our curriculum incorporates academic engagements, current affairs, experiential learning, excursions , international engagements , sporting events, performing arts, competitive examinations, cultural programs, technology, student led awareness programs, community outreach programs and a host of internal and inter school fests and competitions . We also believe that a close synergy between parents, students and teachers is crucial for the overall well-being of our children which is achieved through Parent-Teacher Meetings, Orientation Programmes and Career Counselling sessions.

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