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Structured HUNAR classes are held to expose students to pursue their hobbies and interests. Students participate actively in any one of the following clubs under the guidance of their respective teachers, coaches and professionals-:

Technology Clubs


      Deus ExMachina (D.E.M) or “God of Machines” is the I.T Club formed by a group of students who are technology enthusiasts. The goal of the club is to promote computer skills and help students reach the pinnacle of Information Technology. The members of the club participate in Inter-House and Inter-School Computer Fests with great enthusiasm and bring laurels to themselves and to the school. Members of D.E.M organize and host the Annual Computer Fest,“UNPLUGGED” where all leading schools from NCR and Delhi compete in various events such as programming, gaming, quizzing, Website designing etc.


      Robotics Club (Operational only when the school reopens)
      A part of the school’s vision to initiate a lifelong journey of critical and creative thinking rather than impart a fixed body of knowledge for which the ROBOTICS AND ENGINEERING CLUB has been formed. The club focuses on the basic aspects of ‘engineering’ from mechanics, electronics, assembling, interfacing sensors with micro-controller and programming. This club offers a range of versatile solutions that stimulate children’s instinct to explore and learn. The classes are designed to encourage and support curriculum-based learning and free play. The club curriculum comprises lecture and hands-on sessions on Manual and Autonomous Robotics along with a few sessions on development of critical and creative thinking. Emphasis would be given to ‘learning by doing’ and ‘Trial & Error’ methodology by providing the opportunity to work on various projects and challenges under the able guidance of skilled teachers.


      Photography Club

      Photography has assumed new proportions and has emerged into an everyday activity thanks to the Smartphones and DSLRs. To encourage the photography skills of the students , the School has created a club for photography enthusiasts. It is conducted in Association with IIP Foundation. Expert trainers conduct 20 sessions with the members of the club helping them to hone their skills.


        Matheletes (Mathematics Club)

        It is designed to improve analytical, logical and reasoning abilities of the students. They are encouraged to apply all the mathematical concepts practically through models.


      Mighty Chondria (Science Club)

      Students perform experiments related to day – to -day life observations. It encourages their mind to come up with innovative and new ideas for scientific facts.


      Mindbenders (Quiz Club)

      General Knowledge and awareness about Current Affairs are imperative for the modern day student. The quiz club aims at creating a passion for acquiring inquisitive nature. Regular quizzing sessions on a plethora of topics are held and the progress of students is recorded.

    Rang Manch (Dramatics Club)

  • Dramatics is a medium through which students can express themselves. This also helps in improving their speech and diction. The students are motivated to shed their inhibition and stage fear.

Space and Time


      Astronomy Club (Operational only when the school reopens)
      The Astronomy Club is conducted by The Khaitan School under the aegis of SPACE agency. Inculcating scientific temper and love for the universe and its celestial bodies is its primary aim. Club members have the opportunity to participate and organize various national and international level projects, competitions and events. A few such events are: Observation of transit of Venus, supermoon, eclipses and measuring the circumference of the Earth.


    Aeromodelling Club (Operational only when the school reopens)

    The goal of Aerospace Club is to help students improve their thinking abilities, attitude to learning and gaining skills through hands-on experience of building not just aero-models,
    but water based models and rockets too.

Clubs for Well Being


      This Club trains and inculcates in the students, a healthy and positive style of living. It organizes health related activities and prepares interesting food recipes for all age groups. The food court has become an integral part of the school exhibition showcasing cooking talents of young students who offer healthy food and snacks for visitors.


      Khaitan Panthers

      Football, cricket and basketball form an integral part of our Sports Club. Students are taught the fundamental skills, rules and regulation and modern techniques to improve their game. The various games help in maintaining good physical health.

    • O’Henry Club

      This club enhances reading, writing and creative skills of students. It helps them get over stage-fear and chisels their analytical and speaking skills with appropriate diction and voice modulation.


      Opinionators ( Debating/MUN CLUB/ TED)

      The MUN Club i.e. model united nations is a miniature model of the functioning and structure of United Nations Organizations. The basic aim of the club is to incorporate the understanding of global political issues among the students and to develop a sense of confidence in speaking up about global concerns and providing solutions to them.

RITU RANG (Music & Dance Clubs)


      Western Music: Instrumental and Vocal
      What feelings sound like
      What feelings sound like The Health and Wellness Club trains and inculcates in the students a healthy and positive style of living. It organizes health related activities and prepares interesting food recipes for all age groups. The food court has become an integral part of the school exhibition showcasing cooking talents of young students who offer healthy food and snacks for visitors.

    • Indian Music – Vocal and Instrumental
      Painting pictures on silence Students are welcome to train in Indian vocal music and traditional instruments. We strongly believe that apart from nurturing talent, Indian music is an ideal catalyst for children to be firmly rooted to our culture and heritage.


    Dance: Indian & Western
    Music made visible
    Music made visible Indian and Western dance classes symbolize a great sense of spirit, participation and enthusiasm amongst our children. Body movements, rhythm and flexibility are enhanced with regular practice, taught by professionally qualified dance teachers.

Creative Crew ( Art and Sculpture)

  • On a kaleidoscopic spree!
    Freedom of expression and indulgence in simple pleasures are important elements of a child’s personality traits. Pottery and clay modelling classes enthuse children to explore their creativity and powers of expression. More importantly, children thoroughly enjoy teamwork and peer interaction during these sessions.

Eco Warriors ( Sustainable Development Club)


      Environment Club & Waste Management
      Sowing the seeds of life
      Sowing the seeds of life In tune with our commitment to Save our Universe, the school has formed the Eco Warriors Club, where students are made aware of burning issues, both global environmental and focus on multiple projects revolving around pollution, energy conservation, protection of natural resources , water harvesting, plantation of trees and herbal plants etc. The objective of this club is to make children conscious about the environment and its current challenges. The main activities of the club are listed below:

      • Group Discussions
      • Recycling of waste matter
      • Poster Making
      • Vermicomposting (Garbyhog Club)
      • Tree Plantation
      • Environment Quiz
      • Skits around Environment issues
    • Dharohar ( Heritage/ Itihaas Club)

      Dharohar is a person’s unique , inherited sense of family identity: the values ,traditions, culture and artifacts handed down by previous generations.Heritage club helps in building discipline, time management , thoughtfulness , resilience ,determination,fair-mindedness , and enhances social and academic skills.It develops inquisitiveness about the history or past of everything e.g Etymology, Anthropology, Paleoanthropology etc
    • Business & Entrepreneurship

      The Business & Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small businesses.

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