Pre-primary Wing

Pre-primary Wing

The Pre-Primary wing is spacious, colourful and the theme-based and happy classrooms are perfect for opening up the children’s world of fantasy, creativity and imagination. The school believes in activity based teaching, a combination of Montessori and playway methods have been adopted to make learning a source of great fun and excitement for the children.

Thus, an array of fun-filled activities have been planned for the children to broaden their horizons. The play equipment helps children to go beyond the realms of formal teaching, explore their creative powers and sharpen their motor and cognitive skills. Teachers are constantly involved in nurturing the building blocks of learning. An indoor play area (3,500 square feet approximately) has been specially created, where children play and learn with interactive teaching aids. A specially created wing with a reception for parents and visitors is available with a coordinator heading the wing.

School Timing


Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms to meet the teaching staff during regular class hours. They are welcome to meet the class teacher only on Mondays (Pre-Primary Reception, A-Block) between 8.00 am and 8.30 am by prior appointment.

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